I first fell in love with TINA when, at age 12, I heard the original version of River Deep Mountain High on the radio. I didn’t know what she looked like nor her personality and story, I didn’t even know her name… It was just the voice. It touched me deeply inside, struck a cord that still vibrates.

So when TINA announced on Larry King back in 1997 that she was planning to release an acoustic album, I was over the moon.

Unfortunately, the album never came. TINA often said that ‘the people’ wouldn’t come to see her in concert if she wasn’t delivering the show people expected her to do. And that’s probably what happened with that acoustic album. Maybe she and Roger thought that her audience wasn’t ready or wouldn’t appreciate such a project. As far as I am concerned, I think that there probably was a big market for such an album.

I know it’s never too late for TINA to release something of that kind but 21 years after the release of her latest studio album Twenty Four Seven, I have doubts it will ever happen but I’d love to be proven wrong.

So, until such a release sees the light of day, here’s a little compilation of all the time TINA graced us of only her powerful and unique voice. Enjoy!

Article cover photo by Herb Ritts out from TINA’s ‘That’s My Life’Trade Version Out October 2020 – Collector’s 80th Birthday Edition Available Here.

24 Replies to “Acoustic TINA”

    1. Hello, I’m a fashion designer and I made something very special for Tina. Does anyone happen to know her address so I can ship it to her? Thanks in advance,


  1. Tina is my favorite singer and despite that, she has an outstanding and unique voice.
    I would have been great the release of such album. She would have made it during the “All the best” period, and then to close her discography a compilation with her last tour. I know that she doesn’t like to record much, but even though her compilations are successful, she has released so many with just a couple of albums (Private Dancer, Break Every Rule, Foreign Affair, Wildest Dreams and Twenty Four Seven), just 5 studio albums and 6 compilations (Simply the Best, The Collective Recordings 60’s-90’s, All the Best, All the Best -The Hits, Tina! and Tina! The Platinum Collection) without counting her 2 live albums plus the soundtrack of What’s Love Got To Do With It. Two thumbs up for her but at least we want one more album with never released song!


  2. Missing her so much! But she has earned retirement in spades-all those years of hard work. Love you Ms. Tina!


  3. Thanks Ben .. I grew up too with that song in my head never managing to hear who it was until Let’s Stay together and someone said oh I love Tina when she did River Deep.. when I realised that it was her that sang it I was hooked. Beautiful video x


  4. Brilliant, such a connection with James Ralston Should be a compilation of all this and more on a DVD. Watching Tina and all her expression is as important as her voice


  5. Ben, you always deliver. We are all the beneficiaries of the true treasure that is Tina!
    An acoustic collection would be amazing!


  6. Ben, your compilation is just awesome. Tina had (she says that now she doesn’t sing since her retirement) an awesome voice as well. This distorsion, her high notes, her deep voice, just touched me the first time i had the chance to get a song from her in the radio of the old car of my aunt (I guess that was the very first time with Tina, haha, it was a version of Proud Mary and i was… 16? More or less), and did it allways ever since. So thank you for the video, and thanks Tina for… everything.


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