TINA IS (almost) BACK! And so is 36 years old What’s Love Got To Do With It? The news dropped earlier this week when Norwegian artist Kygo announced on his Instagram that he had resurrected TINA’s mega hit ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’. Giving the song a summery feeling, it is nice that it opens TINA to a new audience but it is clearly not aimed at ‘traditional’ fans.

Creating a worldwide buzz, the news was shared by media outlets around the world. From CNN to Variety including Billboard as well as the French Figaro’s newspaper, the excitement is palpable, one can only imagine what a true new TINA release would mean in terms of coverage…

But for now, the song is out and you can listen to it on your favourite streaming platforms!

So simply BUY, ADD, STREAM & SHARE the new remix to help TINA make history and get her back where she belongs: The N°1 spot!

10 Replies to “TINA & Kygo: OUT NOW!”

  1. TINA you NAIL this the second time around a hit like always …Your simply the very best of all time….a true Legend


  2. OMG, OMG,
    This new version takes you on a new journey into a classic hit with a brand new vibe and sound which has to be heard to appreciate.
    As always thank you Ben for getting my weekend off to a celestial begining.
    Bought this song right away.
    Five stars


  3. Speechless, he did a great job of bringing Miss Tina back into the spotlight once again. Great job, her original fans are still here.


  4. Sorry but this is profanation, this is terrible. I have to say it despite being a huge fan of Tina. Please don’t let destroy her songs.


    1. Exactly. Cheap is cheap.
      I prefer classic Tina. No one should have touched this record.
      I truly love Tina, I appreciate whad she did, but I cannot accept this.


      1. Absolutely agree with 2 above comments, Kygo has had an off day sadly.
        What worse way to do it than with Tina.
        Dunno what happened to his form with say Gomez songs,
        but this is all over the place.


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