It’s a new world, it’s a new generation, a new kind of music…

But! Two things remains: TINA’s gigantic star power across the globe as well as her legion of devoted and faithful fans!

And the huge help of young hype DJ!

This day will stay in TINA’s and in music history when at age 80, the legendary Queen of Rock re-entered the US Charts landing the N°1 spot on iTunes USA with her non-less legendary anthem ‘What’s Love Got To With It’! Since it’s a remix, I don’t know if it’s qualifies for ‘longest gap for the same song to chart’ or ‘songs that went to N°1 twice’ but it would be interesting to see what could come out of that!

And as I type these words, the track is currently N°1 on iTunes in 7 other countries, a Top 5 hit in 11 countries and in the TOP 10 of 4 others. The video clip is currently trending at N°27 on Youtube! Follow TINA’s chart in almost real time on every streaming services here!

UPDATE: July 18 – 19PM (Paris Time)

Still N°1 on iTunes USA and now also N°1 Switzerland! Will it reach the N°1 spot in the UK…?

I wrote about TINA’s ‘Marketing Power‘ a while ago and it’s still pretty amazing to see that, no matter what comes from the Legend, there’s still such a strong appetite and fascination.

But let’s face it, the immense following of Kygo and the curious effect are tremendous in this success. Let’s hope the momentum lasts and that Tina and Kygo ends up in the official charts.

Few other human being have gained that level of respect and admiration, let’s hope this cute remix serves as a vector for something bigger, music wise, in the short future!

Anyway, great job everybody, let’s all help keeping the TINA momentum going and keep on streaming and sharing What’s Love! – Stay safe everyone!

Article cover photo by Herb Ritts for Tatler Magazine (London, 1986) out from ‘TINA’s That’s My Life’ Trade Version Out October 2020! – Collector’s 80th Birthday Edition Available Here.

8 Replies to “TINA Tops Digital Charts!”

    1. I never thought I will be able to see Tina in the Top Charts again! I know is not a new song, only a remix, but I am pleased and feeling a bit emotional with all of this suddenly. Thanks Tina for your music and inspiration and thanks Kygo for helping making this song the Number 1… one more time!
      Waiting for much more to come… we never know…
      Thanks Ben for your commitment to Tina’s family 🤗


  1. Thank you for this update, Ben!! 🙂 Really amazing how successful this one is. I never was a fan of remixes, as so far they mostly destroyed the vibe and feeling of a song. But this one is really, really good and transfers WHAT’S LOVE to a different level.


  2. The success of his shows how much people need an anchor in these troubled times. Billions of human beings being tossed around in an ocean of confusion and uncertainty, and Tina once again unifying the divides of countries, generations, colour, just as she did years ago on stage. A respectful remix, unlike some I have heard and a fitting tribute to a great lady and teacher


  3. Forgot to mention, the video illustrates something of what Tina went through with Ike, good for the younger generation who might not know the full story


  4. Tina is simply the best.Keep on rolling down the River.She is truly a rock stair and proud of it.You will always be in our hearts living with a purpose and not just exiting.
    Thank You for being yourself and
    bringing so much joy to this world.


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