Help Wanted!

TINA is known and adored around the world. But of course, not every fan speaks English…

I think my level of English is pretty decent and I do enjoy having English subtitles whenever I watch something new, it helps me while I get use to the voices and accents. And lately, I’ve noticed that some major artist are offering their videos with subtitles in different languages.

So, as a starter, I’ve began writing English subtitles for all of the major videos on the TINA Blog Youtube channel. It’s a gigantic and time consuming task but I guess it is worthwhile for everybody! I’ll take care of making French translations once I am up to date with what’s online.

Now, my goal would be to able to provide to my Youtube watchers, decent and quality subtitles, in various languages, most notably in Portuguese (Brazil) , German, Spanish and Dutch. And so, I am looking for volunteers who master their native tongue !

Plus, if you feel like you would enjoy to do it for your own country and language, leave me a message as well!

I’ll provide the kind volunteers with a first, rough, draft of the subtitles in their own language for each video. Your work is to correct them and adapt them in your own language! I will of course give more explanation via email to those who want to participate.

It’s a massive task and any help in this endeavour is more than welcome (even from English native speakers), there’s no pay and no reward, it’s an ungrateful job but you’ll get all the due credits for your work in the video details on Youtube and on the blog for future uploads!

Again, I’d like to concentrate the work primarily on the major videos (1M + Views) and the most recent ones.

So, if you are serious, have some free time and feel like you want to be a part for this team effort email me now, and I’ll get back to you asap!

Thanks and stay safe everybody!

8 Replies to “Undercover Agents For TINA”

  1. Google+…& Georges zebo Producer of zb music in…haïtien label…thé Queen Always in Live thé planète of enternement all music …you are the best… Google+


  2. Hi Ben
    Great thing you are doing,
    I am German native and not to perfect in English,
    If I am not shure I go ahead and check with google translate,
    Would this be of any help?
    How could I help on this?
    Regards greyhead


  3. Hi! I am from Norway. I an not very good in neglisjert, but I van understand almost all you are writing. You are doing a great job.


  4. Hi! I am from Norway. I an not very good in neglisjert,, but I can understand almost all you are writing. You are doing a great job.


  5. Hi Ben ,I would love to help you out but unfortunately I’m due to have major reconstruction surgery on my back, but I have 9 months of recuperating time so I will get back to you and if you can give Tina a message for me I would appreciate it.tell her her discs will be in the operating room during my surgery because I love her music that much. Thank you Ben


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