Tina Turner is known throughout the world, blog’s stats can attest that there’s not a single country in the world that doesn’t know her.

To most people, she is seen as a bigger than life singer with an unparalleled career.

Despite her massive success and what one could perceive as an incredible achievement, Tina often stated that what really attracted her was acting. But not acting just for the sack of being on a big screen no, acting to impersonate a (strong) character, to entertain audience in action, adventure movies.

Offers came but not one that would fit Tina’s own vision of a movie star. Who can say no Spielberg? Turner did. Hooker parts? Keep them for yourself!

Tina wants to be Grace Jones in Conan the Destroyer, a charismatic villain…

Written, Edited & Narrated By Ben

6 Replies to “Screen Entity”

  1. Thank you Ben, for another masterpiece of our Queen!
    Again it was a joy to look at and listen to.
    You did a fantastic job!!
    Tina would be pleased and very proud of this fantastic piece of history you made about her acting carreer.
    Unfortunate there are not many serious ´Hero´ movies she played.
    Thanks again!
    ❤ Xio Mara

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow thank you so Xio Mara (M.) , I feel so insecure about this, makes me happy to read this coming from a big fan like you’ . I know people want to see Tina and not my face but somehow that’s the easiest way to do those ‘video-essay’ montage.
      I’ll keep working and do my best to improve, just gettin’ started in that genre!
      Btw any idea of video welcome 🤗
      Thanks again M., have a great day! ❤️


  2. Thank you, Ben, for such great work and interesting stuff!!
    I didn’t know that there was a live performance of GREAT SPIRITS. Wow!
    (I don’t know how far this is true, but some magazines wrote, that the so called Hollywood Version of Two People has been done, to gain more movie offers by showing Tina in different roles.)


    1. Thank you, Thorsten! I wish I had a full video of the Great Spirits performance but that’s all there is to it…
      And yes you’re right about the Two People clip, I could have mentioned it but then I deleted a lot of things, the video would have been way too long otherwise…
      Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comment!


  3. Thank you for this, Sir! Some of this, I haven’t seen before. I actually hope Tina gets a role in both the next Conan film/show, and a role in either Star Wars: The Mandalorian, or an upcoming Star Wars theatrical film.


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