Tina Turner has experienced all the pain life can bring… Born an unwanted child, abandoned by her mother, abused by the man who made her a star, she has lost a child to suicide and in the latter days of her life endured unbelievable health issues…

Tina’s life has known every extreme: financial hardship, spiritual struggles, the lowest lows love can bear. She would find solace in 1986 when she met Erwin Bach, a man with whom she’ll know the highest high of love and who would ultimately save Tina from a certain death…

Written, Edited and Narrated by Benjamin Degrèse: https://www.instagram.com/benjamin_degrese/

Cover Photo: Charlie Gates https://www.instagram.com/gatescharlie/

2020 👉🏽 Order ‘That’s My Life’ – The first pictorial biography from TINA: https://amzn.to/39adrGI

2020 👉🏽 Order ‘Happiness’ – The new TINA book to change your life: https://amzn.to/2CRjNi8

18 Replies to “Erwin Bach, The Man Who Saved TINA”

  1. To my Idol, Tina
    Love, Peace and more Blessings
    When I grow up I still wanna be like you and also Live in Switzerland : )

    “All the Best to Simply The Best“
    Forever a Fan


  2. What a beautiful soul who can sing their hearts out and give listeners the feelings only masters can , literally as real and raw as it gets , live this kind of passion and never stop

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Besolut! Thank you for your comment and indeed, I hope we’ll have the chance to gather next year, and dance on somme TINA music, Covid and worry free! Best wishes!


  3. He certainly does take good care of her just like I do with my Swiss wife. We both see Erwin in town frequently either driving or shopping and assume he’s getting supplies for Tina. Once in a blue moon we see her strolling into a local restaurant with him and she may give a hearty wave to an unintrusive non verbal hello! One of these days maybe we’ll be lucky enough to have tea/coffee with her and Erwin. They look like such a loving couple. But we respect everyone’s privacy since we expect the same. I often pray for her since I know what she’s going thru with her health since I’m in the same boat! Life is short. Make sure you hug your child, mother, father, wife, husband or whomever coz you never know what the future may bring.
    Love has everything to do with it.
    Thanks Tina for your super talent.

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    1. Hello Luig,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing some of the insights into what’s going in and around Zurich … Tina and Erwin sure value their privacy and Switzerland is indeed the best place to be granted solitude! I hope you’ll have the incredible chance to maybe come closer to them someday!


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