As you all know, our idol turned 81 yesterday! A perfect time to celebrate TINA’s life and successes and it was the case once again with a few new uploads!

Firstly from the official TINA Youtube channel with an HD restored release of the secret black and white clip of What’s Love Got To Do With It! After publishing remastered videos of The Best, Foreign Affair, and the original ‘What’s Love’ clip, it’s now the turn of this lesser-known cut from Tina’s N°1 song. A great work of restoration has been done on the video and I highly recommend you to watch it!

Secondly, another surprise came from TINA’s long time band member Ollie Marland with a remix and a great video edit of the song ‘The Best’! An enjoyable and entertaining version of the song and a fun addition to the remix of What’s Love released earlier this year by Kygo.

Thirdly, veteran US TV anchor Katie Couric paid a special tribute to TINA with a special segment about the Queen of Rock on her Youtube channel! Entitled #SeeHer Story, the montage is fun, accurate, and pretty well made!

Article Cover Photo: Dominik Wichmann

14 Replies to “Celebrating TINA!”

    1. Thanks u still energetic I admired u so much and had an opportunity to see u when you came in South Africa.Now I’m 74 hi girl girl luv you


  1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful older sister in my heart, Tina! I am your Chicago look-a-like who discovered in my mid 50’s after a horrible divorce that I had strong vocal abilities very close to yours. I want Tina to know and all of her fans, that singing her music on the streets of Chicago at 53 years old,help me make ends meet and keep food on my table. I resorted to singing as a street performer after a devastating divorce left me lost and penniless.My biggest dream at age 65, is to meet Tina, hug her ,and express my extreme gratitude to her, for being my daily inspiration and thank her for saving my life daily! Love forever, Chicago’s Tina Turner, Dorothy Roberson


  2. Beautiful n Powerful n Graceful Tina Turner – happy birthday and blessings of joy, health, peace n happiness always… thank you for what you give us – you are a treasure – unique!


  3. It’s sad that they haven’t released any video from the 80 ans 90’s that have not been released on DVD! Plus their restoration is fake… it’s not the real 1080p quality widescreen… so so dissapointed. And haven’t anyone noticed that the video from the concert in Arnhem on youtube have been slowed… pretty disturbing! I hope one day they’ll really do a full 1080p high quality of Miss Tina’s greatest songs! Anyway happy birthday to the Queen! Always and forever one of your most faithful admirer!


  4. Dear tina
    Very Happy Birthday, may you be very Happy I am writing to you from Argentina, I love you Tina, I saw you when you were at the River Plate stadium in concert, I would die of LOVE for receiving an autographed photo,
    my email is
    I send you a strong hug and a lot of life you made us and you make us very happy


  5. One of my favorite from dedication to family, to her never giving up on self to her later years in life, finding a man who truly love her. TINA YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!! HaPpY TiNa!!


  6. Happy Happy Birthday Tina!!
    You are truly a classy beautiful woman.
    I love your music 🎶 ❤.
    Stay well and enjoy because you are simply the Best.


  7. todos pela vida a voz do amor, paz uniao pela vida das mulheres negras ou seja toda vida importa sou a filha de deus, sou puro amor.mae gaia diz o planeta precisa ser educado,ou seja o senhor pede pra salvar as crianças negras sou parda indigena filha do todo poderoso dios sou dançarina vitima de violencia tambem so pelo fato de ser mulher ou seja tudo se resume em dinheiro. te acho normal e inteligente forte. um segredo flores de calendula lavar seu rosto muito oleos sabonete infantil e muito amor beijos o planeta pede paz.


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