‘Happiness’ – Press Round-Up

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With the release last week of ‘Happiness Becomes You’ in the UK and the USA, TINA appeared in a number of newspapers talking about Buddhism, Ike and her incredible ‘joie de vivre’. Here is a selection below! Enjoy!

Red Magazine :

The Daily Mirror:

The Guardian :

More online articles with a report in the The Daily Mail, in You Magazine, in People Magazine, in USA Today and a great interview of TINA in The Times!

Order Happiness Becomes You Now!

Cover Photo: Vera Tammen

10 Replies to “‘Happiness’ – Press Round-Up”

  1. Bonjour Ben,
    Merci à toi pour toutes ces informations sur la formidable Tina. J’espère que ce livre sera traduit en Français pour mon plus grand bonheur.
    Malheureusement,j’ai attrapé cette saloperie de Covid au boulot et suis actuellement dans mon lit. Heureusement le système de santé français est semble il le meilleur du monde . Bien cordialement


    1. Oh non Ludo 😞 Vraiment triste de lire ça, comment te sens tu aujourd’hui ? Je t’envoie toutes mes bonnes vibrations et vœux de meilleurs rétablissements, je suis certains que tu vas vite te débarrasser de cette saleté et retrouver une bonne santé.
      Donne nous des nouvelles quand tu peux et bon courage, stay strong 💪🏽❤️


  2. Thanks Ben I read the book and it is so encouraging . I am Buddhist also but Tina really explains the concept in a way that touches your heart and helps you really understand what Nichiren Buddhism is about in a down to earth way. I love Tina


  3. Tina you continue to be a beacon of light for the human spirit! I’m grateful you continue to share with us these monumental billboards of your life’s journey. You inspire us all with your courage, love and divinity. Many kudos to Ben!


  4. To give of yourself so freely sharing the ups and downs of your life’s history is truly a spiritual and uplifting feeling.
    Letting us as humans know we are truly more than conquerors.
    Your life will be better by reading ‘Happiness’.


  5. Spécial merci 👌 Ben👏 pour ces magazines. Comme Tina👍 tes yeux sont comme un océan🙏 Tu nous donnes l’envie de plonger pour découvrir notre Tina✨✨ Tes reportages sont super🎉 Merci pour tout. ✨ Good Energy🍓🍓🍓


  6. Tina talks about Ike too much and it’s always negative she never talks about his good attributes or her faults. Tina doesn’t seem to have moved on and forgiving as she claims. In her picture book she tries to rewrite history and omits Ike. Now she bashes him in her new book after already releasing a book two years ago. It’s very redundant. I hope she finds peace with herself and her family.


  7. Hi,The book arrived yesterday ,so happy to start read it . Like also the colours of the book the combination of the white pages with purple & pink and although its hard cover its not heavy to take to read it outside the home.


  8. Tina is so inspiring. When I saw her the film ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ more than two decades ago my journey to Buddhism was accelerated by the story of her life. I read her autobiography ‘My Love Story’ a year or two ago and loved its simple and heartfelt approach…thanks Tina for being such an inspiration in life and in Buddhism. You’ve contributed to the cause of human emancipation more than words can say!


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