Once a star, always a threat…

TINA, the new highly acclaimed documentary scored more than 1 million viewers making it the best showing yet by a documentary on HBO.

According to Deadline, TINA reached a total audience of 1.1 million viewers across linear and streaming, the best showing yet by a documentary on HBO Max.

Tina’s portrait, which features a new interview with the legend at her home in Zurich, is the top-rated HBO documentary since Leaving Neverland in 2019.

Allen v. Farrow, a four-part series centering on accusations against Woody Allen, premiered with more than 1 million viewers in February but declined in subsequent weeks.

For fans in the UK and the USA, You can now stream TINA on HBO Max, SKY and on TINA.FILM!

Photos: Marc Gruninger

22 Replies to “TINA’s Triumph”

  1. I hated it! It was so disappointing – nearly two hours of rehashing the Ike Turner years, the abuse, the brutality, and hardly anything, minimal coverage, of her 30 years of an amazing solo career. It simply wasn’t balanced…and what mystified me even more is that her husband, Erwin, was one of the producers. Tina Turner is so much more than a survivor; she is an amazing woman and performer. I’m sorry, but this documentary doesn’t honor her much beyond surviving Ike.

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      1. And oh so true. Where was that sold out crowd at Wimbledon? Or her 60th birthday concert? This documentary was not balanced at all with her amazing concert tours.


  2. Sadly I agree with Maura, when Tina told her story about her abusive past with Ike, she hoped to leave it there, in the past. Unfortunately all the great things she has done since telling her story always lead back to her abusive past with Ike, and here it was again. Don’t get me wrong there was archive footage in this documentary that I had never seen before and some absolute stand alone footage, but for a die hard fan it just didn’t delve deep enough. In fact Ben has gone deeper in some of his blogs. I love Tina, I’ve been lucky enough to see her 13 times, read the interviews, the book, seen the films, everything, but I would of loved to know about her favourite colour, food, her love of interior design her love and belief in Buddhism. Was it fun doing the ‘divas’ thing with Beyonce etc

    But Even more sadly I got the feeling that this was Tina saying goodbye, and I for one shall really miss her xx

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    1. I agree with you on many things, but sadly this in fact was Tina saying “goodbye”. That was the whole idea of the project 😦 I too will miss her but we have our memories, her CD’s, DVD’s, my many scrapbooks and photos, which are very precious, and also the memory of meeting her.


    2. I watched it but I already knew all of what they talked about…
      My friend that knows I love Tina told me that Tina’s cancer came back and that she’s dying I don’t wish that on her ….but if she is she will be putting on slot of concerts in heaven
      This is why she did the documentary…


      1. How do you know her cancer has come back, Nancy? I’ve seen anything reported.
        Very sad if it has. She deserves a peaceful retirement.
        Let’s hope she manages to switch off from her last for her time left and enjoy her supportive husband and life without us lot prying.


      2. Hello Tony, please don’t pay attention to such kind of gossip. I should have removed the comment before. Tina is doing fine, as good as an 81 years old woman who had some pretty serious health issue.
        Please do not trust what you read online regarding Tina’s health.
        Best wishes!


    1. Hello Ludo, je pense pas sur Arte, plutôt une chaine payante genre Canal ou OCS.
      Mais il sera aussi disponible en BluRay/DVD et à l’achat en streaming!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary on HBO because it gave Tina the opportunity to finally address the past (once again, I might add) but this time to do it as some new developments occurred. Ike’s daughter has come out to defend her father’s reputation and more recently Tina’s son Craig had died by suicide. In this way, the documentary offers Tina’s testimony so that nobody will get a chance to spin the facts surrounding the dark moments of her life. The fact that she suffers from PTSD to this day since the violence throughout her marriage to Ike Turner served as the warrant to the claim of not wanting to dredge through the past. And, Tina has conducted her interview with honesty and candor, and it must be said she did it with patience and dignity.

    While I do agree with some of the comments that there is so much more to Tina Turner than being a abused woman, we were also given more pointed insight into her childhood: the violence and the abandonment by both parents. Let us not forget that Tina was born unwanted and that too affects her to this day. These childhood experiences predicate the social construction of Tina Turner the Survivor. Not everyone has read her autobiography or watched interviews with Tina. For young viewers this will be an new experience for them. For die-hard fans who have loved and appreciated Tina for decades (as for me, since I was 3 yrs. old) much of the content may be familiar, but I always enjoy her musical history, her story, and most of all I still learn from her because of what is told by associates, close friends, and Tina herself. What I gathered most from the documentary is that Tina Turner has become a metaphor for living life beyond the constraints of the current thought paradigm that does not acknowledge you–be it white, Black, male, female this or that or other. If there is one thing I would like documentary to provide it would be how Tina’s personal style–how she picks out clothes, and how she decorates her living space. Long may she reign!


  4. Tina Turner the legend artist

    Le mer. 31 mars 2021 à 15:17, Tina Turner Blog a écrit :

    > Ben posted: ” Once a star, always a threat… TINA, the new highly > acclaimed documentary scored more than 1 million viewers making it the best > showing yet by a documentary on HBO. According to Deadline, TINA reached a > total audience of 1.1 million viewers a” >


  5. The point I feel about Tina’s documentary was to inform the world that being unwanted and abused by an ex, she was brave and strong enough to rise above her circumstances.
    Her brilliance and talent as a person,singer and dancer proved made her the Queen of Rock Always and Forever.

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  6. I enjoyed the Documentary but was mystified when after learning that Tina didn’t like the subject of Ike always being bought up, why did they go ahead and concentrate on the Ike aspect for most of the Documentary.
    It didn’t make sense to me.
    I would have liked more on Tina as a solo artist and any other aspect of her life.
    Alot of her comeback was overlooked,such as her comeback single with Heaven 17.
    I could tell they weren’t totally familiar with Tina’s career.


  7. Saw the Doc. Opening night.
    I thought there were good and not so good points.
    The part of her home growing up in Nut Bush was an enlightening segment.
    Also the segment of how she almost was killed running across the highway and the kindness the manager showed to her was heart warming.
    I came across an early photo of the Queen singing with a swollen pale ring finger and total black and blue pinky that ran partway up her palm. It looked terribly painful.
    I wI’ll not address the not so good parts which were not many, but only say empty house shots could have been replaced by how she seemed to smile through all the new and uncertain adventures that sealed her lifetime Queen of Rock status.
    Music scores ,clips photos were pretty well done.
    In closing I would like to let Tina know that my story on page 5 of her 80th
    Birthday book she not only helped myself but countless others to bring help or positive guidance I’ve if she did not know it at the time.
    I bow to the Queen of Rock in thanks, and as always a thank you to Ben for yet another enlightening blog.. Lee S.


  8. Great review. Agree with each and Eve point you made.
    My biggest complaint was the ending. Her Simply the Best at Wimbledon was far superior in every way ~ even her breathlessly telling the audience they were the best she’d ever had. Such a shame to omit that wonderful moment.


  9. I think as fans we were always going to feel a bit let down by this doc. This was the Official story and we fans know that cannot reveal the finer detail. For me it was a “not that type of book” moment. The Ike years were made a part of her official story as soon as she published ‘ I, Tina” , then selling the movie rights and participating in the movie production. So I don’t really buy her argument. But Tina has always been upfront regarding it
    being in Show Business and I commend her on being the best at the business. I loved the last few minutes which were very poignant. Having to say Goodbye is tough. Clearly Erwin has been her director through all this and without him I don’t think Tina would have been able to.


  10. There was so much TINA has given to the world other than hearing about the abuse from Ike Turner in this documentary. If you listen to her wisdom, maturity, and class you will know Tina as a real lady. She lost a child by suicide, she lost Rhonda Graam her close personal aid and now her health issues. Tina is our treasure, mother, wife, and lady. GOD BLESS HER AND HER FAMILY.


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