This past summer, Primetime Emmy award nominee (Ozark) Phil McGowan had the pleasure of mixing a few live performances of Tina Turner for the recently released HBO documentary TINA.

Originally hired to just mix the film’s score for his regular clients Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans the two composers of the movie, he was asked by the producers during the process of mixing the score, if he wanted to also mix some live concert recordings of Tina Turner for the film and leapt at the opportunity to do so.

In this video, he walks us through his process for mixing “The Best”, which is played over the film’s end credits. The material was sourced from a 48 track digital Sony DASH recording from a concert performance in Barcelona back in 1990. The song has been mixed in 5.1 for use in the film.

In addition to the score, he also mixed “Ask Me How I Feel” and “I Can’t Stand The Rain” for the film.

The result is very impressive, I’ve watched the documentary several times with headphones and the brilliant score moves me more and more each time. It is so strong and emotional, a bit melancholic, I think it fits the narrative perfectly and adds a force as well as a dramatic tension to the whole film.

Moreover, the work done on Tina’s live tracks underlines the seriousness with which they approached her vocals. Listening back to the original audio from Barcelona, it now feels like the sound is very ‘constricted’, ‘compressed’ while in the new 5.1 mix, Tina’s voice feels liberated and open, emphasized by each instruments in the back, who found a new depth in their passionate style, supporting each notes Tina delivers.

The Queen of Rock’s band was one of the best out there, always in synch with the legend, their professionalism and love for Tina transpires in their artistry and their work can finally be appreciated in a new and bigger way.

So, that’s just another obvious reason that Tina’s work has to be preserved and updated with current technology. With the success of the new documentary, it’s almost certain that some gems from the past will finally get the treatment they deserve… Stay tuned…

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11 Replies to “Mixing TINA”

  1. Hi🎉🎉Super sur les chansons de Tina🥂On a l’impression d’y être dans le concert🌊Special Thanks Phil McGowan et Ben✌️Good energy and thanks for the documentary🍰🍰

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  2. Simply the Best at Wimbledon was far superior to any other version ever recorded. Even down to the end when she thanks the audience in England for being the best she’d ever had. How in the world was this overlooked for the underwhelming version they used to close the show!?!


    1. Hello Gary,
      So first, Tina never performed in Wimbledon… This is a tennis court, I think you are referring to Wembley 2000.
      And I disagree, although Wembley 2000 is absolutely brilliant, Barcelona 1990 is really the climax or Tina’s Rock’N’Roll career. It’s much more raw and less controlled than Wembley, the audience is young and wild and you can feel the heat coming out of the screen. Wembley doesn’t have that feeling at all in my opinion.
      Plus as you know the film opens with Ask Me How I Feel in BCL, it only make sense that they would use another extract from the same concert to end the movie.
      So far, I haven’t read a review that critized that choice and I don’t think anyone apart from fans would.
      Have a great day Gary!


      1. Thank you for correcting me about the two stadiums! You’re probably right about the choice of endings too. The most important thing is giving Tina the recognition she so richly deserves and they definitely accomplished that. I just hope she goes to bed every night knowing how much the world adores her.
        All the best,

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  3. Hi!
    Lets hope that finally at least the Do you Want some Action vhs concert turns into a dvd or bluray!!
    Its crasy how some Tina live VHS exists only in VHS!!!!

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      1. Hi all,
        So is sure that they wil release the concert in a new format?
        Cross fingers for the other vhs concerts to…
        Merci Ben 🙂

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  4. I’m amazed there’s no “archive” yet of Tina live performances. I think for some tours there was alternate set lists etc so there must be a wealth of stuff out there…..

    Hopefully it’ll all start to see a release, even if only digitally. Tina was such a strong live performer I’m surprised they haven’t capitalised on releasing any of it with the documentary

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  5. What about her One Last Time tour at Wembley? It’s absolutely fantastic. Maybe you’re talking about something else but this was with the more mature, polished, relaxed Tina without all the sweat & grit of her earlier years.All of my friends in NYC think it was hands down, her best ever.
    I know you don’t agree but it is complete from beginning to end pure perfection.

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