Undisputable Rock’N’Roller

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It’s official! After winning the popular (notorious) fan vote by a large margin, it has just been announced that Tina Turner would (finally) be inducted into the Rock’N’Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist! A well deserved honor for the one and only Queen Of Rock and a great success for the fans who fought in the poll until the end.

After Stevie Nicks who became the first female to be inducted twice, Tina and Carole King are now joining a very small club of 3 Legends, our idol being the first black woman to achieve this honor.

This year’s inductions will take place on October 30 during a ceremony in Cleveland. Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame chairman, John Skyles declared:

The live event will hopefully feature performances by every inductee that is present, though Turner lives in Switzerland and hasn’t performed since the end of her 2009 world tour. “We’d be so proud and honored to have her attend,” says Sykes. “It just depends on how she feels and whether she wants to fly to America. It would be quite a moment if she could. I promise you, if she cannot make the trip, there will be an incredible tribute paid to her by a group of artists.”

Chances of seeing Tina performing at the event or even attending are very slim of course but perhaps she will grace the people with a video message from Algonquin’s garden! To be continued…

18 Replies to “Undisputable Rock’N’Roller”

  1. Of course Tina was inducted! Even though the fan vote was an exercise in futility, she more than deserves it – our Queen forever!


    1. There was no doubt in my mind that Tina would be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fra
      She’s simply the best and so, so deserving to be honored for her spectacular talent.
      Continue to flow in your grace,love and happiness.
      Peace and 💘


    1. I ALWAYS Wanted meet Tina turner have her sit by me or sing before I died I had dreams her get out in her limo zin my apt in maine 189fairbanks farmingtonmaine maybe this dream come true
      7797298 have time call if she has time to see her number one fan


  2. I kept voting and voting and voting and voting! I couldn’t believe she wasn’t already in there!


  3. Excellent it should’ve happened a long time ago but at least I’m happy it happened while she still with us thanks for keeping us up-to-date blessings to you

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. I so happy Tina Turner has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2021! She has been inducted 3x and the first black female to be inducted , Tina is Simply the Best. I hope she can attend I would love to see her 1 more time last time was in a concert in Switzerland and I collect all her memorabilia. Congratulations


  5. Y love Tina
    Sou do Brasil,Sing.
    Preciso de ajuda da Tina Turner para poder trabalhar.Canto duas músicas desde os meus 10 anos de idade.Dou uma senhora e preciso de ajuda para continuar.


  6. I need your help please where am I Yogi students told me that Tina turner had a chanting album and I’d love to buy it. I went onto Apple I couldn’t find anything please send me to a resource so I can purchase it because I just love her and for me to be able to teach yoga with her chanting in the background which just be an extraordinary experience thanks so much for listening I look forward to hearing from you blessings to you and yours Sandi Bain

    Sent from my iPhone



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