From time to time, some gems emerge on the internet.

TINA live in Verona 1987 is one of those. Although the video bootleg has been in circulation for a long time, the quality was more than average.

But now thanks to Italian TV Mediaset, the show is finally available in great quality for us all to enjoy.

Break Every Rule Tour has always been a special tour for many reasons:

It is highly Rock’N’Roll, the set list is fantastic containing songs that Tina would never perform again live and the Queen was looking incredibly hot in that red leather dress!

Now, the ultimate

4 Replies to “Regina Di Verona”

  1. Thanks Ben,
    The perfect way to wake up. Finding a new post from you with an added bonus of a super hot full show by the queen of rock and roll, Tina Turner.
    The great video quality and sound was crisp, clean and sharp.
    I must say the queen has shown the world yet again why Tina Turner can never be dethroned as the (Queen of Rock and roll).
    Thank you Tina and thank you Ben for yet another great post.

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  2. Thankyou so much Ben.
    The video,of Tina is fantastic.
    You are definitely her hero..
    Be bless and always keep us informed,about the one and only Fabulous,Talented Tina.

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  3. Yes, a nice concert.

    Pity about the smaller active screen size and the distracting rubbish down either side of the picture.

    The picture quality is not bad but still I think rather short of the advertised 720 HD.

    Pity about the interview having been made in English and then badly dubbed into Italian. I really do not understand why people think that anyone will enjoy that. For anyone who does not understand English then subtitles along the bottom of the picture is a very well established technique.


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