Tina Turner’s last album was released 21 years ago and fans have been longing for some new fresh songs ever since. But now, thanks to superfan Nikola, us fans have something fresh and current to listen to.

He recently created a channel entitled N.V.U Music and does an incredible job of reworking TINA songs by giving a new life to them.

Below a selection of some of his great remixes.

Subscribe to N.V.U Music on Youtube and follow his channel on SoMe.

11 Replies to “Reworking TINA’s Songs”

  1. Thanks so much to Nikola Music and especially you,Ben for always keeping us in formed with the latest makings of our beloved TINA.
    The videos are so amazing makes you feel like you are there live with her.
    So grateful for her talent.
    Always a Forever Fan.


  2. Thanks to Nikola Music and especially,BEN
    for always keeping us informed of the new makings of TINA.
    The remix of her videos arrangement makes you feel like you are there live with her.So grateful for her talent and grace.
    Remaining always a loving forever fan.


  3. Hi
    Big massive thank you to all concerned making of TINA’S reworking tracks. Just watched all 3 videos. All sound so fresh, and today. It would also good to see other artists taking on some of Tina’s tracks, definitely interesting listening…………


  4. Music is awesome Ben. Nikola music did a fantastic job on the remix of Tin Turner’s music. There will always be 1 song that no one can remix. Even though Tina will be 82 I personally think that she’s working on a new song that she will release sometime in 2022. I know she has her own recording studio in her Chateau Algonquin on Lake Zurich in Zurich Switzerland and her wedding was held there with guests Oprah Winfrey,Sade,David Bowie who passed away and was done in Buddhists fashion. And she still dances that’s in Tina’s blood.


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