I never had a child but I’ve always heard that a parent should never bury his own child.

Tina Turner did it once already… In 2018 when her beloved son Craig passed away suddenly. And now, she is once again facing one of life’s greatest tragedies as it is with great sadness that we heard this morning of the passing of her son Ronnie Turner at the age of 62.

TINA, Jackie (Alline’s daughter, Tina’s niece), and Ronnie.

Ronnie had been battling with illnesses for a long time and although Tina Turner raised four sons, he was the only child born out of her relationship with Ike Turner.

Tina and her two biological sons Craig and Ronnie. She survives them both.

A musician and a bass player in his own right, he would be part of Tina’s band for some time in the late ’70s and would play a part in the success of Ike’s Grammy-winning comeback album ‘Risin’ With The Blues’ in 2006.

Tina Turner’s life would have truly been a Shakespearian tragedy from the beginning until the end. Her strength and resilience are once again put to the test but we all know our idol, she is the strongest of us all and she will find her own way to cope with this new loss and find peace.

I’d like to send my most sincere condolences to Tina and her husband, her niece Jackie and the rest of the Turner/Bullock family. May Ronnie rest in peace.

38 Replies to “Ronnie Turner (1960-2022)”

    1. Dear Tina i whish god open your hart and mind,and mistery anderstand dead, that life… when Lost someone important who sons is filling tragedie we can t to think right,can t bread correctly,is Very hurt,a deep pen Lost,is not easy…I whish god to make your Pen, darkeness,more suportável… confort, lights,love,peace,open , kindernesse The love suporte everything live …,,mjfss…jo


    1. My dear Tina,son or niece ir adopted is important for me, The love have must everyone, tragedies infortunies to happen in life,is sadenesse.my sinseres condolences, whith live Joana,a Big confort for you and your family…


  1. I am deeply sorry to hear this. As a Mother, my heart breaks for my beloved idol. May God rest his soul. Prayers, condolences, and hugs to Tina and entire family. 🙏🏾🤗


  2. Bon voyage RONNIE††† Ta mèreᥫ᭡ est une fierté pour moi et ses fansᏪ À toute ta famille✰Sincères𖤓condoléances✾


  3. Very sad about him 62 years old still young BUT at any age to lose a relative/ friend/ neighbour / human being it’s sad because everyone is unique and every day to live it’s a present .long illness- who knows how much he suffered .May he rest in peace.Feel sorry for him and his relatives and friends.All our love to his dear mother Mrs. Tina. Chen & Keren


  4. To Tina Turner/ Bach.
    My sincere condolences goes out to the Queen of Rock and Roll.
    I just learned of your son’s passing.
    You have given yourself to the world and kept me focused on a better path.
    There are no words that can be said to truly remove the pain and emptiness you are going through at this time.
    Just remember that you have a world of love and support from all of us.
    I know Erwin will be there for what ever you need.
    Stay strong, (look at that) me telling The Queen of Rock to stay strong. You are the strongest person I know.
    With much love and compassion.
    Lee Stoddard, across the pond in Des Moines, IA..Peace be with you.


  5. So,so sorry that Tina loss her son.
    We as parents think we will,leave this earth before our
    children,but life doesn’t always
    deliver like we want.
    Peace and 💘 as try to cope
    in this difficult time.
    God will bring you through he
    has you always in his loving
    Peace& Love


  6. May his soul find peace and live happily onward through the times ahead.

    My sincere condolences to mother Tina and wife Mrs Ronnie Turner and everyone else, that loved Ronnies in this lifetime.


  7. Tina I feel so sorry for you. I send my condolences to you and your family.
    I know you will find a way to overcome this tragedy.
    I love you.❤🙏🕯


  8. Sincerest condolences to my idol, Tina Turner & her entire family on the passing of her beloved son, Ronnie. Rest In Peace to you & brother Craig . BLESSINGS to the friends & family members . Prayers will follow you to Our Lord & will comfort those of us mourning your loss. Much RESPECT & ADMIRATION TO ALL FOR THE STRENGTH YOU’VE DEMONSTRATED . SENDING LOVE & HUGS TO TINA & ERWIN.


  9. Courageous Leader… You are a Queen in your own (Legend) right! My heart is full of sadness for your loss🙏🏽🤎 a😔🤗to you from me.


  10. Condolences to the entire family especially Tina Turner as she has now lost her two biological children and that’s tough for a parent to do.She is 83 now and I’m sure Erwin is giving her loving support through all this.Much love and prayers for the family…Lance in Savannah Georgia


  11. I’m sorry for you who are cheerful every time you sing, like: delilah’s power, I hope you stay healthy and God be with all your family. Greetings music.

    Mery Christmas 🎄
    I hope all stay healthy and may God Bless all of your familie 👍🏻🎶💗🎶
    Praise the Lord Yesus Amen. ☦️🙏🏻 🤲🏻


  12. So very sad to hear that you lost your son Ronnie. May God give you peace and strength to help you. I know this happened in December, but I just found out. I can’t imagine losing a child. I have 2 biological children and a step daughter who is almost 50. Both my kids are grown. I have total of 5 grandkids (including 3 from my step daughter). I have enjoyed your music for many years. I hope all is well with you. Praying 🙏🏾 for you.


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