TINA Live In Rio: 35th Anniversary

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In 1988, Tina Turner was at the center of the world’s attention. Twelve years after leaving Ike, she is now amongst the biggest stars in the world.

Her comeback album Private Dancer went to N°1 across the globe, her biography is a success and her part in Mad Max opened her appetite for more ‘movie roles’. 

That’s why when Tina’s second comeback album Break Every Rule came out, she announced that the tour that would follow the next year would be her last, aiming to reorient her career into the movies.

But before that Tina had a dream she wanted to fulfill and the BER Tour will allow her to not only reach it but surpass everything she could have dreamed of…

On 16 January 1988, 35 years ago today, the Lioness of Rock, performed in front of a record-breaking crowd in Rio de Janeiro when she sang in front of 180,000 people at the Maracana Stadium.

It was at the time the biggest paying audience for a single artist surpassing Frank Sinatra’s record set eight years before at the same venue

Accompanied by a stunning line-up of musicians, samba dancers, glitter, and fireworks, Tina delivered an unforgettable performance in her own inimitable and explosive style.

To celebrate this special anniversary, you’ll find below some HD promo photos from Tina’s trip to Bresil as well as her performance of ‘Nutbush’ in Rio that was not included in the VHS/DVD release of the concert and finally a new video essay by me!

‘Nutbush’ Live in Rio 1988 (Concert Outtake)

16 Replies to “TINA Live In Rio: 35th Anniversary”

    1. I love Tina. At 63, I can say she has a presence as an entertajner, always gorgeously sexy. Tnen and now. Plus that voice!


  1. Thanks so much Ben for keeping us informed about
    Tina’s incredible,fantastic ,
    courageous and amazing
    Long live her sweet,sweet
    Peace,💘& Happiness

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  2. Je me souviens de cette entrée mémorable à RIO, elle était transcendée, elle rayonnait de joie d’être là devant autant de monde.
    Merci Ben pour tes posts et tes vidéos.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very beautiful. Thank You Ben. Tina always cared about the people,us the fans not to disappoint us and to give us the 100% and more. This video show how she and her legs worked hard to come to entartain us almost in every place in the world. The clip brings memories from the past and thanks god we enjoy Tina now in the present and in the future.Thank You. Chen & Keren

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  4. Great video Ben, I love it. I wish i could have been there…
    I’m so happy Tina didn’t move to movies then and stop doing music – we would be missing all the music she’s done since then😱
    I totally love Tina.


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