It’s a foreign affair. This website is created and maintained by two European Tina fans: Ben – located in Lyon, France and Sjef – originally from the Netherlands, now living in Berlin, Germany.

This site was born out of our shared admiration for Tina Turner – the undisputed queen of rock. We were disappointed by the lack of good, information-rich websites about Tina, and felt that she deserved, well, more. So we started back in January of 2011 with our website and we have been overwhelmed by the warm responses we have received since then.

By now, we have welcomed over 2,5 million visits to The Tina Turner Blog. We were fortunate to have been invited to a press conference of Tina Turner in Zurich. We are very grateful for all the help we received from fellow Tina fans all around the world. So many people have unselfishly shared their Tina material and experiences with us. And we are thankful for the thousands of regular visitors who enjoy our website.

A final note: this website has no commercial aim whatsoever. We don’t host advertisements on our site – we don’t make money with it (actually, it only costs us money). Our aim is to share and collect as many information and material on Tina Turner. If you feel that in doing so, we have used material to which you own the rights: please contact us and we will remove the material from our website immediately. Our sincere apologies.

All that is left to say: we hope you enjoy The Tina Turner Blog and that you stay a while. If you have any questions for us, if you would like to share your Tina stories or material with us, or if you simply want to say hi: we look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Ben and Sjef.

15 Replies to “In English”

  1. Im a big Tina fan, saw her in Ahoy twice, in Groningen once, what a great performer, my fave song is paradise is here live version Rio dvd,. nice blog!

  2. first time i so tina it was in 1996 april when she came to perfome in south africa i coulden’t belive it was me seing tina live i started to listen to tina songs on 1988 special whats love got to do whith it and better be good to me e.t.c i love you miss tina turner.

  3. Hey guys, I love Tina Turner since I was 14 and my dream is see a concert one day. I would love to be in London….what a shame.
    Congratulation for the blog.

  4. Leuk dat één van de oprichters uit Nederland komt! Geweldige blog heren! Maar hoe hebben jullie elkaar ontmoet? Frankrijk is niet bepaald op de hoek.
    However, I love this blog! I hope to see Tina Turner one day in The Netherlands…it is my biggest wish!

  5. Hi guys. I am a big Tina fan and, at the age of 8, i had the honour of being the only person in the front row to sing Nutbush – one mo’ time, face to face with Tina, her hand on my shoulder. This was live at the SECC in Glasgow Scotland in December 1996. I remember every detail of that show and encounter. Since then , I have seen Tina 4 more times and my love of her and her music is stronger.

    If anyone remembers this show and/or has photos of that moment, I would love to know as my only proof of this happening are my memories and my 3 accompanying adults memories.

    Anyway, great blog and thanks for being the best Tina source I have used.


  6. Such a wonderful site! I have been a Tina fan for almost 20 years! I’ve seen her in concert 6 times! Tina is part of the reason I became a musician. I am a singer and teach music in the US. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date with the Tina world. Here in the US we don’t get to hear about her much! Love you, Tina!

  7. One of the highlights of my life was going to see Tina in 2004 in Moline, Il on my 50th birthday, May 20. We got invited to sit in the John Deere suite and I couldn’t believe it. The show was spectacular!!! Thanks Tina for making my 50th so special!!! LOVE YOU!

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