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14 responses to “Wiki Tina

  1. Pedro Costa


    First of all, I want to say to you that the Blog is fantastic!
    There are so many information that even a fan like me since 1984 are discover…Thanks!!
    Wanna ask i want to put on sale some Tina stuff, can i do it in tihs blog for others fans to know about it?
    Take care
    Pedro- Portugal

    • Hello Pedro!
      Glad to hear you are enjoying our blog. We can not do a post on the blog, but we can for example post a link to the items you are putting on sale on the Facebook page of our blog? Let us know when and where you will put the items on sale.
      All the best!

    • Cergio

      Olá de Portugal também. Este blog está muito completo, muito bom.
      Também fã desde essa altura, do “regresso” da Tina.

  2. As my term of endearment for your awesome gift of music to the world I enjoy calling you Madame’ Turner. Every U.S. concert I have attended and songs I have played gave me renewed inspiration to just be me, in power, in grace. Thank you Tina. We are now in the social media mode of folks making request of their life-time dreams….here’s mine: I would love to invite you to join me for high tea-would you please? whenever your schedule permits!!!…may god continue to light your path………..

  3. michel marde

    d’où vient cette chanson ” proud mary”

    • Il s’agit d’un titre écrit par John Fogerty du groupe “Creedence Clearwater Revival”. Ike & Tina l’ont reprise en 1971 et ont obtenus un Grammy pour leur version qui est restée la plus célèbre!

  4. quisiera saber si sigue dando shows ( cantando sobre el ecenario ), y si en algun momento vendria para ARGENTINA.??

  5. pedro


    fixe encontra verdadeiros fans.
    meu mail:

  6. laura

    is tina going to do any more tours for 2013 in dublin ?

  7. Brendan A C


  8. I would like to see Mrs Turner/Bach one day also in milano . I am about 30 year a big fan of TINA TURNERA,this MAGIC ROCKPHENOMEN .!

  9. Miguel Vid Rey

    Gosto muito deste Blog , tenho uma página no Facebook , Tina Turner Portugal , para todos que quiserem partilhar o quanto amamos a nossa Rainha do Rock , a maior Diva do século , participem na minha página será uma alegria e um divertimento , e Viva por muitos anos a nossa Querida Tina Turner .

  10. I was delighted to find this blog, that have valuable information and precious videos, which transmit me much peace. So thank you.

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