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Diva Las Vegas

You know it doesn’t get better than THE Turner’s live… Back in the 60’s & 70’s Ike & Tina Turner were one of the hottest touring band on earth. The mix of Ike’s musical genius and Tina’s breathtaking performances is still inspiring for millions of music lovers worldwide. Their story, as well as their music, is unique and now belongs to the collective memory. Unfortunately, the releases of Ike & Tina video concerts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So we have to content ourselves with old TV broadcast who would truly deserve a digital treatment…
We can only hope that someday some BluRay/HD release will surface. Until then, here is a new upload for all the Ike & Tina fans out there: Ike & Tina Turner live in Las Vegas back in 1971! Recorded live at the Caesar’s Palace, the show captures the rawness of their performance and songs are intersected with interviews of the notorious duo! Enjoy!

Sweet Soul Music
Interview with Ike & Tina
I Want To Take You Higher
Interview With Ike & Tina
Honky Tonk Woman
Everyday People (The Ikettes)
Interview with Ike & Tina
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
Interview with Ike & Tina
A Love Like Yours Don’t Come (Knocking’ Everyday)
Interview With Ike & Tina
Proud Mary
I Want To Take You Higher



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The boy from New York City

Ike & Tina Turner Live at Olympia Paris 1971

In the early nineties, one of my first cd i got after discovering Tina was “Ike & Tina Turner Live at the Olympia 71”. And i felt really lucky to have it while my collection was only flourishing… Most fans will tell you that they remember the exact time they heard certain songs, albums, the feeling of the moment and all the emotions that it gives…

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‘On The Road with Ike & Tina’ reviews

Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road 1971-1972 - by Bob Gruen

Photo by Bob Gruen / MVD Entertainment

Some of us already had the pleasure of watching the new Ike & Tina Turner DVD by Bob & Nadya Gruen. We enjoyed it a lot and asked a few of our friends and Tina historians Alan, Hank & Marco to review it for the blog. Since their full stories were too big for print, below you’ll find a glimpse at each one of their reviews on the blog. And since they all are  worth a reading, the unedited versions of the reviews are available to download!

And for the record, Laurel couldn’t write one, being kept away from the DVD by her husband until Christmas. Courage Laurel; only a few days left!
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New Ike & Tina Turner DVD coming this November

“From the camera of Bob Gruen comes this amazing, intimate look at the legendary Ike and Tina Turner at their creative and popular peak. From the hot lights of their unequaled stage show to tender moments crooning the blues with only the camera as their audience, this is a look inside a hardworking band as well as an iconic couple”. 90MN.

Download the trailer here!


Update: continue reading for the tracklist of the dvd.

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Ike & Tina ‘Taking Off’ in HD: Goodbye, So Long!

This is a very unusual moment in Tina Turner’s career. Ike & Tina appeared in a movie directed by Milos Forman called “Taking Off” released in 1971. The movie received the Golden Palm in Cannes and was nominated for several BAFTA awards. Ike & Tina are not directly related to the story of the movie; at some point during the film, the main characters just wants to have some fun and forget their worries, so what better way to do so than going to an Ike & Tina concert! To get more  info about the movie visit the IMDB page related to it. Continue reading for the video of Ike & Tina’s cameo in the movie (in HD) and some screenshots!

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Ike & Tina Turner – Interview Disc and Music Echo – February 27, 1971

The two faces of Tina!
Ike & Tina Turner - Disc and Music Echo - February 27, 1971

Interview from 1971 with Tina Turner from the British music magazine Disc and Music Echo. Tina talks about the difference between her on stage and off stage personalities and her relationship with Ike. Interesting read!

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