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Tina live in Chicago 1984 – CD & LP

Tina Turner Live Park West - Chicago 1984 - CD (2016)

August, 17th 1984 – Let´s go back to 1984, zoom in to August in the time dimension, narrow it down to the evening of the 17th, and find a location called the Park West. We might even add that we have a ticket – one of not more than 800-1000 – to a concert of a newcomer – or rather an old war horse but now in new armor and carrying new arrows in her quiver: Tina Turner will play the Park West tonight on her “Private Dancer Tour”.

Tina Turner Live Park West - Chicago 1984 - LP (2016)

Tina Turner – Show Some Respect – Live in Chicago 1984:

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When Turner rolled with Richie

1400762862008-TinaandLionel-09Just over 31 years ago, in 1984, things were really beginning to take off for Tina. Fresh from the European success of her cover of Al Green’s “Lets Stay Together” in November 1983 a second shot at fame was on the horizon. As copies of the single circulated and created a buzz in the USA the single would eventually hit the top ten chart categories in the Hot Black Singles and Hot Dance Club Songs and number 26 on Billboard Hot 100.

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Sole Survivor

Tina Turner Live 1984
Redferns/Getty Images

BY KURT LODER | October 11, 1984
From Rolling Stones Archives Issue 432

At three o’clock in the morning, in a hotel room high above still-glimmering Montreal, Tina Turner is plugging into the universal buzz: nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo. The words are Japanese, but shaped by that dark, burnished voice, now pulsing with reined power, they sound like some plaintive native-American lament — an effect perhaps subliminally suggested by the dramatic sweep of Tina’s high, part-Cherokee cheekbones.

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Private Dancer – Video Clips

The 1980s saw the rise of the music video clip – and Tina Turner followed the rule: every single release needed a video. So, no wonder that we can enjoy “three plus one and another one” video clips from the “Private Dancer” album. So, five clips in total but why the strange bookkeeping? Follow us back to 1984 and throw in either a video cassette or a Laser Disc.
Tina Turner - Private Dancer Videos - Japan Laser Disc

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Free Your Inner Private Dancer

Tina Turner´s mega hit “Private Dancer” creates a vast collection of images in the  mind of the listener: the private dancer (or – a little bit spiced up – the exotic dancer), the complicated and not-so-desirable man/woman situation, and the scenery of purchasable affection. All themes that ring a bell and sound familiar but luckily do not have anything to do with our real lives. But it  will be today that I will lead you down a road towards a disturbing revelation:  we all have an inner Private Dancer, and in case you are not too thrilled to think of yourself as such then it might help to ease the pain by describing it as the “inner Private Dancer state”. This might be a parallel and because of that something which surely until now no psychologist ever discovered – so be warned, reader with your inner Private Dancer.

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 12 Inch - Cover
Tina Turner – Private Dancer 12 Inch – Cover

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Tina Turner – Private Dancer Tour Book

Tina Turner - Private Dancer Tour Book - 17

A new tour, a new program. Tour book always existed in some sort of way but back in the 80’s and the development of merchandising, artists and management put efforts in creating more sophisticated programs that are now cherished items among fans. We already did a few articles about Tina Turner’s Tour book, including a 1st version of the “Private Dancer Tour book as well as some other gems from the past! Check them out here and of course we’ll keep on posting more of those in the future.

Concerning this one, the quality might not be optimal on every scans but the resolution is correct! To make it up we uploaded rare audio bootlegs from Private Dancer Tour inside the post. Enjoy!

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TINA & David: Tonight, and last night

Tina Turner & David Bowie - Birmingham, UK - March 23, 1985

David Bowie’s musical comeback is certainly one of the most exciting highlights of the current year. With a new album released two weeks ago, currently topping the charts, it is time to pay tribute to one of the most important figures in pop history – and a great admirer of Tina Turner!

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January 27, 1983: Tina performing at The Ritz

Tina's Ritz Show

Certain nights can be decisive in a singer career; and if there’s one that was a major turning point in Tina’s career it certainly is those 3 evenings of January 1983 where she packed one of New York’s most legendary night-club, The Ritz.

Today, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this very special event, continue reading to watch and read more about it.

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