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T.T & The Jets

Tina Turner Jet MagazinesWhen you have had such a rich and long career as Tina Turner, being on the front cover of magazines and giving the public glimpse of your private life is an unfortunate part of the deal. Unfortunate for the artists but of course, a delight for the fans. Starting with her early career with Ike Turner to her rise to superstardom as a solo artist, Jet magazine, and her sister publication Ebony have followed Tina’s evolution and featured stories (of sometimes questionable taste) about her current work at the time and of her private life. One of my all-time favorite TINA magazine covers will always be this dramatic prophetic one entitled ‘ Trouble Trails Tina Turner’ published by Jet in 1976.

Published in small digest-sized format from its inception in 1951, Jet printed in all or mostly black-and-white until its December 27, 1999 issue. In 2009, Jet’s publishing format was changed; it was published every week with a double issue published once each month. Johnson Publishing Company published the final print issue, June 23, 2014, continuing solely as a digital magazine app. In 2016, Johnson Publishing sold Jet and its sister publication Ebony.

In 1986, Tina Turner and her life and music were the centers of the universe, Jet covered that special era in Tina’s career with an interview focusing on Tina’s biography and her violent history with Ike.

Jet contained fashion and beauty tips, entertainment news, dating advice, political coverage, health tips, and diet guides, in addition to covering events such as fashion shows. The cover photo usually corresponds to the focus of the main story. Some examples of cover stories might be a celebrity’s wedding, Mother’s Day, or a recognition of the achievements of a notable African American. Many issues are given coverage to show the African-American community that if they want to reach a goal, they have to be willing to work for it.

Back in 1997, Tina was heavily touring and promoting the gigantic Wildest Dreams Tour and appeared once again on the cover of Jet! More powerful and happier than ever, the star evokes her current world tour, her life between France and Switzerland and much more.


‘The Buddhist & The Jew’

Back in 1997, Tina Turner was in the middle of the gigantic Wildest Dreams World Tour and of course promoting the tour and the album of the same name massively. Appearing on every major US shows, she gave one her best interview on the set of the Larry King show on CNN. Evoking her life in Europe, her boyfriend Erwin Bach and her faith in buddhism, the Queen of Rock is even asked to do a “chant variation” from her favorite mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The result: a red faced and speechless Larry King and one of the most memorable moment of American TV, bringing the mantra to a broader audience.

Now, fans knows the interview by heart, it’s a classic among us and we are still waiting for the Unplugged Album (as well as the album from “The Buddisht & The Jew ft The Mormon Tabernacle Choir”) but it finally emerged in HD recently. So for all our delight, first video above of Tina chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo followed by the full interview with Larry King uploaded on Youtube by CNN! Enjoy!

Transcription of the mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with English translation and meaning inside the post.
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Tina & Hanes: It’s all about Strength and Beauty

In 1996, Tina Turner became the new spokeswoman for Hanes Hosiery. The campaign, with a budget estimated at $20 million, is centered around Tina, who had been signed to serve for two years as the spokeswoman for Hanes hosiery lines like Resilience, Smooth Illusions and Silk Reflections, in addition to conventional elements like television commercials and print advertisements. The campaign, created by the Arnell Group in New York, also featured tie-ins between Hanes and Virgin Records: Hanes sponsored the American leg of Tina’s concert tour in support of the Wildest Dreams album in 1997.

Inside the post, a video compilation of the commercials that Tina did for Hanes; including a small making-of and newspapers clippings.

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Tina takes it nice and easy at Macy’s Passport (Updated)

On September 18, 1997, Tina Turner sang at the Macy’s Passport  fund-raiser and fashion show  in San Francisco, CA. The show was aimed to raise funds and awareness for the AIDS virus. Tina performed a set of unplugged songs including “The Best”, “What’s love” &  “Proud Mary”. Continue reading to listen to those songs and for a set of marvelous pictures of Tina’s performance!

If anybody has more footage (video & audio) concerning this event, please contact us! Thanks!

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Tina Turner rowing gently down the stream

Tina Turner’s most famous song is one about a boat: Proud Mary. However, the following song is quite a departure from this tune. Below you will find the audio track of Tina singing the children’s song Row, Row, Row Your Boat. She recorded this song, with her band members on backing vocals, during the rehearsals for one of her concerts on the Wildest Dreams tour in Europe 1996 and it was released in 1997 on the compilation album Carnival! – a charity CD (now out of print) for Sting’s Rainforest Foundation. Tina had earlier performed in 1993 at a charity concert for this foundation at Carnegie Hall in New York. So, sit back and enjoy one of Tina’s more ‘unusual’ recording.

Tina Turner – live on Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Australia – 1997

Today is the one year anniversary of our blog, and for this special occasion, we would like to share these electrifying performances of Tina Turner on the Australian TV-show Hey Hey It’s Saturday, back in 1997. Tina was on the show to promote her Wildest Dreams album and the Australian leg of the Wildest Dreams tour. She sings three songs: Goldeneye, Let’s Stay Together and Proud Mary, and is joined by her full live band. Continue reading for the videos of these amazing live performances. Furthermore, we would like to thank all our visitors for the support for this blog over the past year. We hope to continue bringing you the latest Tina news, and the best classics from our archives, for many years to come!

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Tina Turner – Radio City Music Hall – New York – 1997

14 years ago, Tina Turner was performing a seven night run at New York City’s famous Radio City Music Hall. These concerts were part of her huge Wildest Dreams world tour. While in Europe, Tina played in football stadiums and big arenas, in North-America the concerts were also held in smaller outdoor venues and theaters such as Radio City. Below, you will find several newspaper reviews of these concerts. Special thanks once again to Hans for providing these articles!

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