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2016 – A Supah Tina Year


2016 will be a Tina Turner Super Year. There are so many anniversaries it will be difficult to find any space left in the calendar which is not filled with albums or singles which were released so many years ago that they already pile up to decades. This introduction into 2016 will prepare you and your nerves for the Tina Turner rollercoaster ride you can expect but for which you might not be ready without seeing the big picture.

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Private Dancer “30th Anniversary”

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 30th Anniversary - 2015

After the announcement of the Japanese release of Tina Turner’s Private Dancer album, the Queen milestone album is also being re-released by Warner UK to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

A special edition of the legendary singer’s album will be put out on June 29, 31 years after its release on June 1984.

The re-issue includes re-mastered versions of the the original tracks, including What’s Love Got To Do With It and Let’s Stay Together, along with a second disc of 12″ mixes, b-sides, three non-album singles and her duet with Bryan Adams It’s Only Love.

The collection also features the track Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today) (with B.E.F.) recorded with Martin Ware from Heaven 17.

Private Dancer originally peaked at Number 2 in the UK and to date has spent 150 weeks on the Official Albums Chart. Tuner has since scored a further eight UK Top 10 albums, including the chart-topping Foreign Affair in 1989.

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Private Dancer “30th Anniversary” Track list

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 30th Anniversary Edition (Warner Japan 2015)

Tina Turner’s classic album Private Dancer was a huge global success on its release in June 1984 and became Tina Turner’s breakthrough solo album, thanks in part to an 18-month single release schedule that saw no fewer than seven songs from the ten-track album released in various territories, including ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’, ‘Better Be Good To Me’, ‘Private Dancer’ and a cover of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’.
To celebrate this 30 year milestone we are releasing an extra special Anniversary Edition. This edition compiles the remastered album and a second disc which features Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today) (with B.E.F.), recorded with Martin Ware from Heaven 17, and which lead to him producing the lead single from Private Dancer ‘Let’s Stay Together’. It also features 12” mixes and b-sides as well as three non-album singles, including the duet with Bryan Adams ‘It’s Only Love’.

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Private Dancer – The Milestone Album

Private Dancer- Album Cover

In a career of 50+ years you will find many ups and downs and probably more highlights than anywhere else but there still might be the one and only super-nova which outshines everything else. Tina Turner´s “Private Dancer” album is one of these bright spots. Despite all her other successes and her triumphant tours around the globe, this album will always be her finest ever. We dare to ask “Why is that?” Of course, you know that it was successful, incredibly successful to be exact, and maybe you even started your own fan life with that particular album, but still: did it ever occur to you to ask you the “Why is that?”-question? Hopefully, you will find the answers in this article.

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The Big “Private Dancer” – Parade

Tina Turner - Private Dancer 2014Maybe you have heard about the releasometer, the latest invention of the old-world brick-and-mortar music industry where record companies actually sold records and not playlists. And in that outdated world, you used to be bombarded with various releases of albums incl. different covers (that is the house in which the record used to live because it could not survive on a hard drive alone), B-sides (that used to be tracks from the other side of the record´s children, the LP singles and maxi singles which again were the bigger brothers of the LP single…), and maybe unreleased tracks (ah, finally something our young readers know!). Well, back to the core of our subject: with that releasometer, you can measure how famous an album was because there was the following rule of thumb: “The more releases the more famous”.

And guess what, “Private Dancer” is preeeeetty famous because it scored very well on the releasometer. Read here, how well it scored, and we can only hope that it will score even better in the future.

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30th Anniversary: Let’s Stay Together enters UK charts

Norman Seeff
Norman Seeff

“In late 1983, Tina Turner and Roger Davies went back to Marty Ware and Greg Walsh from Heaven 17 who produced earlier that year Tina’s cover of “Ball of Confusion”. They were looking for some material for an upcoming European tour and maybe even a tune for a single. Time was tight and they were going to have to go with a cover tune. Ware kept bringing R&B tunes, Tina kept pushing for Rock. Finally the artist and her producers settled on a reworking of the Al Green’s masterpiece “Let’s Stay Together”…”

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of  “Let’s Stay Together”, which marks Tina Turner returns in the music business and the first impulse to the (then) upcoming Private Dancer album. Including rare audios and video.

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