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TINA Heritage Days Documentary

You might miss it if you blink

How does Nutbush looks like in 2016!? Taking you beyond Tina Turner’s footsteps with this report from the 2016 Tina Turner Heritage Days in Nutbush with fans from all over the world!

From the TINA art unveiling to the concert and inside the church where little Anna Mae used to go, experience the South and the annual Tina Turner Heritage Days.

A truly amazing weekend, you read all about it here and now you can watch all about it! Enjoy!

With – Dashon Jones – Larry Edwards – Donovan Marcelle – Luisa Marshall – Samira Tina – Anja Offermann – Cindy Vandenbussche – Laurel Hudgens Herring – Quateisha Jackson – Teri Toeun – Fiona Elliott – Linda Benedict – Lucas Alexander – Billy Hardin – Ronnie Pierce – Eric Henry – Donna Harper Graeff – Sonia Outlaw-Clark – Robbie Montgomery – Rhonda Graam and many more!

By Ben – Filmed in 4K.

Tina Turner ‘Heritage Days’ 2015

Tina Turner Heritage Days 2015

Celebrating the heritage and legacy of Flagg Grove School along with its most famous student, Anna Mae Bullock, known worldwide as Tina Turner. Held each year on the 4th weekend of Sept. at the Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville, TN.

Visit Tina Turner Heritage Days website.

More info and program inside the post! 
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Behind the opening of the Tina Museum

Tina Turner Nutbush Live

They call it Nutbush, they say Nutbush! You say Nut bush!  we take you on a tour behind the scenes of the grand opening of the Tina Turner exhibition in Brownsville,TN close to her worldwide known hometown of Nutbush! With speciall tour guide, Tina Turner’s fan Stephen Evans!

Photos & video credit: Stephen Evans & Anja Offermann.

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Church house, gin house – Tina’s school house to be saved! (updated)

Tina Turner’s primary school in Nutbush, Flagg Grove School, is to be saved and restored. The one-room school will be moved to the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville, TN. There the building will function as an exhbition room, including an exhibit on Tina herself, and African-American education in that era. The school was originally located on land bought from Benjamin Flagg in 1889, who was the brother to Tina’s (Anna Mae Bullock’s) great grandfather George Flagg. Tina attended the school in the 1940’s while she was growing up in Nutbush. The school was closed in 1960’s and after this has been used as a barn. For more information, visit the website of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center.

Update June 3: Last Friday, June 1, Tina’s former school house, Flagg Grove School, was moved to its new location in Brownsville, TN, where it will be renovated and opened as an exhibition space. Via this link, you can follow this wonderful project. Thanks to Sonia Outlaw-Clark of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center for keeping us informed. See the photo below of the school being moved to Brownsville, via Highway 19 (a.k.a. Tina Turner Highway) – a wonderful sight!