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‘Break Every Rule’ Interview

tina turner break every rule interview cd lp .png

“People come and say ‘I have to get your autograph because my son is always trying to get me to go back to work and I say ‘no I am too old’ and they say ‘well, Tina Turner did it’! It seems that I have broken all the rules!”

Back in 1986, Tina Turner was heavily promoting the follow up album to the masterpiece Private Dancer, her second solo album, Break Every Rule. To support the release,  Tina recorded a long interview as promo material for the radio. Here is today!

The interview is 55 minutes long and a lot of subjects are reviewed:

Of course, Tina talks about the recording and the songs of her album BER but also about her autobiography I, Tina, her relationship with Ike, David Bowie and much more. A very candid and fun Tina who sometimes reveals more that you would expect! And that’s what we like!



Duration: 55 min

5 Explosives TINA Duets


Let’s Dance – With David Bowie 
“Let’s Dance” is the title-track from English singer David Bowie’s 1983 album of the same name. It was also released as the first single from that album in 1983 and went on to become one of his biggest-selling tracks. Stevie Ray Vaughan played the guitar solo at the end of the song.
The single was one of Bowie’s fastest selling, entering the UK Singles Chart at No. 5 on its first week of release, staying at the top of the charts for three weeks. Soon afterwards, the single topped the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Bowie’s second and last single to reach number-one in the U.S. In Oceania, it narrowly missed topping the Australian charts, peaking at No. 2, but peaked at number-one for 4 consecutive weeks in New Zealand. The single became one of the best selling of the year across North America, Central Europe and Oceania.

Cose Della Vita – With Eros Ramazzotti
Cose Della Vita was originally released in 1993 from Eros Ramazzotti as a single. In 1998, he re-recorded it together with Tina for his greatest hits album „Eros,“ retitled as „Cose Della Vita (Can’t Stop Thinking of You)“ with Eros part in Italian and Tina’s self-written part in English. Eros also recorded a Spanish version with Turner’s English vocals, called „Cosas De La Vida“. A live version was released on Eros album Eros Live the same year, recorded at his Eros & Friends Tour, where Tina was a guest vocalist at some concerts. The music video is available as a bonus on the All The Best home video.

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Hear The World – Win the Calendar 2016 (Closed)

Recently, the Hear The World Foundation published a calendar for 2016 with stars such as Tina Turner, Eros Ramazzotti, Léa Seydoux and Anastacia. They have all been photographed by Bryan Adams for the Hear the World calendar in the pose for conscious hearing. Captured with their hands cupped behind their ear, they help raise awareness about the importance of hearing and hearing loss.

You could  win a copy of the calendar by entering our contest. You only had to answer the question “How many children are born each year with significant hearing loss?” – and you could find the answer either in our recent post or in the video. Everyone who entered the competition got a little surprise!

Tina Turner - Hear The World Calendar 2016
Tina Turner – Hear The World Calendar 2016

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Hear The World – A Calendar For A Good Cause

Under the theme “Combining good looks with a good cause: the 2016 Hear the World Calendar” Bryan Adams assembled stars like Tina Turner, Rosamund Pike, Naomi Harris or Anastacia in front of his camera lens and asked them to strike a pose for stunning portraits in support of disadvantaged children with hearing loss.
Each of the subjects of this beautiful series of black and white photographs adopt the familiar Hear the World pose that is synonymous with conscious hearing— one hand behind their ear— to help raise awareness of the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.

You can order it here! EUR 35.00 / CHF 40.00 / USD 40.00 / BRL 80.00 (excluding shipping)

Tina Turner - Hear The World Calendar 2016 - June
Tina Turner – Hear The World Calendar 2016 – June

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Bryan Adams & Tina Turner – Reckless: 30 years

2014 is not only an important year for “Private Dancer” but another major album celebrates a big anniversary as well: “Reckless”, Bryan Adams´ masterpiece turns 30 and is available in a Super Deluxe Edition (2CD+DVD+Blu-Ray Pure Audio). In case, you still unsure what to wish for Christmas, maybe “It´s Only Love” in the 5.1 mix is what you need. Plus all the unreleased tracks and Bryan´s live show from 1985.

Bryan Adams - Reckless - 30th Anniversary Edition
Bryan Adams – Reckless – 30th Anniversary Edition

Order it here on Amazon.

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Recordings From A Parallel Universe


Sometimes, in the office holding the coffee mug in your hand, you are definitely allowed to dream…about your next holidays and your newest gym-styled beach body…the new sound system in the living room…or – for example – what albums Tina Turner could have released after 1999. Because – just for the record – she promised…oh yes, she promised to record. Okay, she did not say anything about a big tour at the age of 69 but she promised to continue recording.

So, here is what happened in a parallel universe (just around the corner of the alpha quadrant) incl. examples from our mutually shared universe where other artists stole my fantastic proposals.
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Tina Turner – Private Dancer Tour Book

Tina Turner - Private Dancer Tour Book - 17

A new tour, a new program. Tour book always existed in some sort of way but back in the 80’s and the development of merchandising, artists and management put efforts in creating more sophisticated programs that are now cherished items among fans. We already did a few articles about Tina Turner’s Tour book, including a 1st version of the “Private Dancer Tour book as well as some other gems from the past! Check them out here and of course we’ll keep on posting more of those in the future.

Concerning this one, the quality might not be optimal on every scans but the resolution is correct! To make it up we uploaded rare audio bootlegs from Private Dancer Tour inside the post. Enjoy!

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Why Must We Wait Until Tonight


Tina Turner - Why Must We Wait Until Tonight
Why Must We Wait Until Tonight – CD-/LP-singles

The year 1993 saw another release of a newly produced song: “Why must we wait until Tonight”, again a collaboration between Tina Turner and Bryan Adams. It turned out to be only a medium success but is still a nice slow song to listen to.

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What’s love got to do with it? The soundtrack to Tina’s life

Tina Turner - What´s Love Got To Do With It - Album

As we know from today´s point of view, Tina Turner was in the middle of her career when the biographical movie “What´s Love Got To Do With It” – named after her signature song and USA #1 hit – was released in 1993. The movie was based upon the book from 1986 “I, Tina” which she co-wrote with the music journalist Kurt Loder and which featured many interviews with contemporary witnesses like band/family members, music colleagues, and Tina Turner herself. Maybe it was even not clear to herself that there would be new albums and tours until the year 2009 which makes the release of a bio pic only reasonable if you consider her age in 1993 when she was 53. But there were still at least 15 years to come – full of appearances and releases. Because of the heavy ammunition she fired at the world – an album incl. re-recordings and completely new material, the release of several songs from that album incl. the usual marketing appearances, the movie itself and then even a US tour plus some festival appearances in Europe and Australia – the year 1993 will always be a year to remember.

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