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Queen of the Arena

Tina Turner Live in Amsterdam - September 1996 - Mark Allan/Alpha
Tina Turner Live in Amsterdam – September 1996 – Mark Allan/Alpha

By Ben – I am pretty sure that 20 years after her three legendaries concerts at (at the time brand new) Amsterdam Arena, Tina Turner’s voice still resonates inside the stadium. Not a single time have i passed in front of this giant monument without thinking of these concerts. I guess I can talk in Sjef’s name to say it’s probably the same for him. 1996. Wildest Dreams Tour. 3 nights, 160,000 cheering fans from across the world attending the rendez- vous given by the 57 years old Lioness. Massive promotion, massive production, massive crowd, and you can always count on the Dutch to pays Tina her dues.

I’ve probably watched and listened, dissected and studied this concert more than it is allowed until a few weeks ago, fellow Tina fan Jamie told us about an unseen tv version. He found out about it while “Missing You” was blasting on British cable tv. Of course, I couldn’t help investigating and finding out more about that mysterious version. After watching again the Original TV broadcast, followed by a LaserDisc version and finally the DVD, I could certainly noticed a few differences between them but couldn’t imagine there might be even more. But it did happen! After weeks of research I finally got my hand on the new version Jamie mentioned. And what a surprise:

New camera angles, a clearer definition to satisfy your die hard fan appetite but mostly a new audio mix giving Tina’s voice more presence, more power and strength than it ever did on the previous supports. I strongly advice you, if you can, to watch and listen to the following videos with headphones! So for a starter (and after a paramount work of time on the video quality) and for all your delight here’s the “new” version of Missing You and as bonus since it’s turning 20 years old this year, the gold and honey trap, Goldeneye! Enjoy!

This post will be updated often in the future with new HD uploads from Tina Turner live in Amsterdam 1996. We’ll keep you in touch on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels! 

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“I can’t believe we’re doing it again…”

Tina Turner - Tina Live Tour 2008 2009 Backstage

Back in 2008 a promotional video was issued to the press for the announcement of Tina Turner’s 2008/2009 50th anniversary world tour. This video features footage backstage at her appearance on the Oprah show, the rehearsals for her Grammy Awards performance with Beyoncé earlier that year, as well as short interview bites from Tina. Here it is today plus extra footage of rehearsal! 

Video Screenshots

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The Nutbush Countdown

“I know you are not used to this but tonight, get used to it…”

While ending the “50th Anniversary Tour” back in 2009, Tina Turner decided to add a bit of fun (and extra motivation) to her show… Replacing the famous “Nutbush, one more time” routine by a countdown! Starting in Stockholm with “Nutbush, eight more times” all the way to the ultimate bow in Sheffield with “Nutbush, no more time”, watch the last performances of Tina’s hometown song.

October 10, 1986: Tina promotes Break Every Rule in Holland

26 years ago today, Tina Turner performed three songs on Dutch television. She appeared on a TV-show for the promotion of album sales in the Netherlands, called the ‘Platen 10 Daagse’. She presented two songs from her new record Break Every Rule: Typical Male and Two People, as well as the classic Private Dancer. Tina is introduced by television presenter Ron Brandsteder, and she also appears in the finale of the show. Above you can see the performance of Typical Male, continue reading for the videos of Two People and Private Dancer.

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June 23, 1990: Tina Turner performs in Rotterdam

21 years ago today, Tina Turner performed at the Feijenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, as part of her Foreign Affair European tour. Later that year in November, Tina would finish her Foreign Affair tour also in Rotterdam, this time at the smaller indoor venue Ahoy. At that time, the tour was promoted as Tina’s final big tour, it turned out that it would be one of many ‘farewell’ tours! Below you will find some photos and audio from the concert in June in Rotterdam.

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36 years ago: Tina Turner live in Carré, Amsterdam

36 years ago , Tina performed at the Carré theater in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as part of her second European solo-tour. Below some songs from this concert, that was broadcast on the radio, photos as well as a review from a Dutch music magazine, plus translation!

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March 21, 2009: TINA in Arnhem, The Netherlands

A very special post today! 2 years ago on this day, Tina Turner opened a series of concerts (March 21 and 22 and May 2) at the GelreDome in Arnhem, The Netherlands.  The shows were the biggest during Tina’s 50th anniversary tour, with approximately 33,000 fans in the stadium each night. Together with the concert in Prague, these were the only concerts with a standing audience. For this reason, the show was recorded for the dvd of the tour, but it was special also for a lot of other reasons.

In this post, you will find photos and newspaper articles from this show. Also, a (long) report about our experiences this weekend, written by Ben!

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January 30, 2009: Tina Turner performs in Hamburg, Germany


On our blog, we would also like to share some of the photos we made ourselves during various Tina Turner concerts. On January 30, 2009, Tina performed the first of three sold out concerts at Hamburg’s Color Line Arena. Click below to see a gallery of 78 photos taken during two of these concerts. Plus, a collection of newspaper clippings, with reports and reviews from these shows.

Tina Turner - concert ticket Hamburg - January 30, 2009

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