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The Pompeii Recordings (2016)


It was in the mail this morning… And it was a real surprise! I have lost track of the numerous re-releases of Ike & Tina Turner materials and the vast majority is just random songs put together with a random title and poor audio quality…But for this new release, Cleopatra Records has seen things in big and succeed!

The dynamic Ike & Tina Turner released all of these raw recordings for the Pompeii Label in the late 1960’s. This digitally remastered, deluxe 3D set features three complete albums (in mini sleeves that duplicate their original LP jackets) along with informative liner notes, photos, and much more!

During a fascinating career that was as triumphant and groundbreaking as it was erratic and turbulent, Ike & Tina Turner became one of the most prolific recording duos of their time. Between 1960 &; 1970 the pair cut for at least 10 different record labels resulting in nearly 70 singles and some 20 albums. This set which features material they released through Pompeii Records from 1968 and 1969, coincides closely – as well as confusingly – with titles released by the Blue Thumb label during those same years which would result in a total of 6 albums consisting of, for the most part, new material. Bear in mind, this was accomplished while the duo toured regularly both here and abroad (reportedly 300 shows a year), made innumerable television appearances, and managed to raise a family…

More photos inside


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From Tina to Robbie

Robbie Montgomery, Rhonda Graam and Carolyn Flagg at the Opening of Tina Turner Museum (Photo S.Evans)

Robbie Montgomery, Rhonda Graam and Carolyn Flagg at the Opening of Tina Turner Museum (Photo S.Evans)

One of Ike and Tina Turner most famous Ikettes, Miss Robbie Montgomery is releasing a new cookbook! The “Welcome To Sweetie Pie” star who was a close friend of Tina when she was an Ikette asked the Queen of Rock to write foreword for her new book. And here is what Tina Turner wrote:

Robbie and I worked together and I am happy for her success. Not only has she released this cookbook, but she has a successful business in a chain of restaurants, serving the food we grew up on.This cookbook will show you how to make good down home soul food. Love Tina Turner. I wish you the best with your cookbook Robbie, since you have the Midas touch I know it will be a success, just like your restaurants. And I am very happy for you and I am proud of all that you have accomplished.

Watch the video from Oprah Winfrey Network


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The boy from New York City

Ike & Tina Turner Live at Olympia Paris 1971

In the early nineties, one of my first cd i got after discovering Tina was “Ike & Tina Turner Live at the Olympia 71”. And i felt really lucky to have it while my collection was only flourishing… Most fans will tell you that they remember the exact time they heard certain songs, albums, the feeling of the moment and all the emotions that it gives…

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She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

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Tina Turner: ‘Souvenirs, Souvenirs’

Back in 1983, Tina Turner was hard at work to prepare her 1984 monster comeback. The general audience however, was mostly in the dark about what was going on in Tina’s career. So much so that a French TV producer thought it to be appropriate to make a nostalgic retrospective documentary with the appropriate title ‘Souvenirs, Souvenirs’. Rock Dinosaur Johnny Hallyday takes on the role of the singing television host. Little did they know the best was yet to come…



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A Freak In Love

From Marco’s vault and especially for Halloween, a very rare version of the Ike & Tina classic A Fool In Love! We call it the Halloween version (or how to become an Ikenstein) and you’ll understand why after listening to it. Enjoy – and Happy Halloween to you all around the world!

Ike & Tina Turner – A Fool In Love (Halloween Version)

(Our apologies for two small ‘skips’ in the audio track)


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Ike & Tina Turner – Jukebox Magazine – 2003

In 2003, French magazine JukeBox made a very comprehensive list of Ike & Tina songs, lp’s and labels (mainly the last 2 pages), the rest is a French interview. The whole list is quite amazing.

En 2003, le magasine Jukebox à répertorier l’ensemble des vinyls, albums et des différents labels de Ike & Tina. La liste est quasi irréelle. Elle peut être lue sur les 2 dernières pages, les premières étant une interview de Ike & Tina en français!

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Ike & Tina Turner – Interview Disc and Music Echo – February 27, 1971

The two faces of Tina!
Ike & Tina Turner - Disc and Music Echo - February 27, 1971

Interview from 1971 with Tina Turner from the British music magazine Disc and Music Echo. Tina talks about the difference between her on stage and off stage personalities and her relationship with Ike. Interesting read!

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