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‘Break Every Rule’ Interview

tina turner break every rule interview cd lp .png

“People come and say ‘I have to get your autograph because my son is always trying to get me to go back to work and I say ‘no I am too old’ and they say ‘well, Tina Turner did it’! It seems that I have broken all the rules!”

Back in 1986, Tina Turner was heavily promoting the follow up album to the masterpiece Private Dancer, her second solo album, Break Every Rule. To support the release,  Tina recorded a long interview as promo material for the radio. Here is today!

The interview is 55 minutes long and a lot of subjects are reviewed:

Of course, Tina talks about the recording and the songs of her album BER but also about her autobiography I, Tina, her relationship with Ike, David Bowie and much more. A very candid and fun Tina who sometimes reveals more that you would expect! And that’s what we like!



Duration: 55 min

Tina Turner – Twenty Four Seven interview CD – 1999

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven interview CD - front cover

Below, you can find the fourteen tracks from the Twenty Four Seven interview CD. Interview CD’s are distributed by the record company to radio stations or other media outlets, to promote a new release. Radio stations can use it in items about the new album. This interview features fourteen questions answered by Tina. The CD includes a list of questions. Read below to listen to the interview.

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