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Tina Turner – still “One Of The Living”!

A Facebook/Twitter hoax that Tina Turner had passed away, spread on the internet for the last few days; and judging by the increase of our visitors the situation needs a little bit of explanation. The whole thing started in France last Monday (June 4) when a website (necropedia.org, not to name it) published a Tina Turner obituary stating she passed away June 3rd during the night. Subsequently, some stupid people relayed this fake information on social networks.
Other people then stated that Tina’s sister, Alline had died and not Tina. Also false; unfortunately Miss Ruby “Alline” Selico Bullock passed away in September 2010.

So all of this said, Tina Turner is alive and well and will be for a long time! We hope to have cleared this rumor up for everybody. Long live the Queen!


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