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Recordings From A Parallel Universe


Sometimes, in the office holding the coffee mug in your hand, you are definitely allowed to dream…about your next holidays and your newest gym-styled beach body…the new sound system in the living room…or – for example – what albums Tina Turner could have released after 1999. Because – just for the record – she promised…oh yes, she promised to record. Okay, she did not say anything about a big tour at the age of 69 but she promised to continue recording.

So, here is what happened in a parallel universe (just around the corner of the alpha quadrant) incl. examples from our mutually shared universe where other artists stole my fantastic proposals.
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Tina Turner Blog Interview: Deric Dyer

Deric & Tina London Wembley resized

When we were told that we could interview a former Tina Turner band member, we were thrilled. Deric Dyer was a saxophone player on Tina’s Break Every Rule World Tour and also toured with Joe Cocker. Continue reading to watch our interview with him and to learn more about this great man and musician.

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Roger Davies: Superstar Manager

In 2012, Tina Turner’s manager Roger Davies turns 60. Today, we will focus on the man who made Tina’s 1984 comeback possible and who also is the manager of some of the biggest names in the music industry including P!nk, Sade, Joe Cocker and Cher.

Continue reading for extracts of interviews with Tina and Roger, talking about their working relationship, and to watch a very nice documentary from 1996.

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Tina tries… With A Little Help From Her Friends

Ike & Tina Turner performing their version of the Beatles classic With A Little Help From My Friends, also famous in the version of Joe Cocker. This recording is from Ike & Tina’s concert at the University of Maine in Gorham, United States on March 24, 1974. Although Tina has a bad cold, for which she apologizes at the beginning of the song, she still delivers a smoking hot version of this song.


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