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Merry Christmas

tina-turner-erwin-bach-christmasA very Merry Christmas to Mr & Mrs Bach and to every readers of Tina Turner Blog! Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays with your loved ones and let’s not forget those who are alone and less fortunate.

A few updates concerning the blog:

First, you’ll find in the Menu a new ‘TINA The Musical‘ section! A simple click to read every updates and informations we have so far concerning the forthcoming musical on Tina Turner’s life.

Second, two new additions to our Networks with TINA Blog Videos & TINA HD. You’ll respectively find on both pages, the video montage I’ve made for Tina Turner Blog and every High Definition/4K uploads from our Youtube channel in one place!

Thirdly, a new ‘Archives’ button is making its apparition (on the left side of the page if you are on your computer, at the bottom if you are viewing the mobile version of the blog) to help you navigate more easily throughout six years of blogging on Tina Turner Blog!

And because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a small present, here is a new video upload of Tina giving an incredible rendition of her classic hit ‘Let’s Stay Together’ unplugged on American TV back in 1997. Who else thinks that  the concept of re-arranging Tina’s songs unplugged should have come to reality somehow!? I say, not too late for a ‘TINA Unplugged: One Night Only’ live in Zurich!

Merry Christmas Everybody! 🎄

Private Dancer – Video Clips

The 1980s saw the rise of the music video clip – and Tina Turner followed the rule: every single release needed a video. So, no wonder that we can enjoy “three plus one and another one” video clips from the “Private Dancer” album. So, five clips in total but why the strange bookkeeping? Follow us back to 1984 and throw in either a video cassette or a Laser Disc.
Tina Turner - Private Dancer Videos - Japan Laser Disc

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30th Anniversary 1983-2013

(c) Ronny Johannesson / Sydsvenskan / IBL
(c) Ronny Johannesson / Sydsvenskan / IBL

Arnhem, situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands is a very famous location for Tina Turner fans for many reasons. In 2009, Tina performed three concerts at the local Gelredome and even recorded the tour dvd there. More recently and in the same arena, a tribute show “The Tina Turner experience” was organized there. But that’s not all, 30 years ago almost day for day, Tina packed the “Box” club and gave a memorable gig. Relive 20 min of this anthologic concert today on the blog! And especially for Xmas an upload of the full “Tube” show from 1983 plus bonus!

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30th Anniversary: Let’s Stay Together enters UK charts

Norman Seeff
Norman Seeff

“In late 1983, Tina Turner and Roger Davies went back to Marty Ware and Greg Walsh from Heaven 17 who produced earlier that year Tina’s cover of “Ball of Confusion”. They were looking for some material for an upcoming European tour and maybe even a tune for a single. Time was tight and they were going to have to go with a cover tune. Ware kept bringing R&B tunes, Tina kept pushing for Rock. Finally the artist and her producers settled on a reworking of the Al Green’s masterpiece “Let’s Stay Together”…”

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of  “Let’s Stay Together”, which marks Tina Turner returns in the music business and the first impulse to the (then) upcoming Private Dancer album. Including rare audios and video.

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August 23, 1996: Tina live in Warsaw

The day after Tina Turner’s concert in Prague on August 22 1996 and before taking over the Flanders Expo in Ghent (Belgium) for 6 crazy nights, Tina Turner and her Wildest Dreams tour stopped in Warsaw, Poland for a memorable concert. The first songs of the concert were broadcast on TV and today it is your chance to watch them again. Plus, we’ve uploaded for you the “unplugged section” of the concert in audio. Enjoy!

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Let’s Stay Together at Divas Live 99

On April 13, 1999, Tina Turner performed at the Divas Live concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York. Tina performed four songs: The Best, Let’s Stay Together, The Bitch Is Back (with Elton John) and Proud Mary (with Elton John and Cher). However, on the DVD and CD of the concert that were released a few performances where missing from the TV broadcast,  Let’s Stay Together being one of them. Today, it is your chance to watch it in high quality, taken from the original broadcast. Continue reading to watch the video.

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Tina Turner – live on Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Australia – 1997

Today is the one year anniversary of our blog, and for this special occasion, we would like to share these electrifying performances of Tina Turner on the Australian TV-show Hey Hey It’s Saturday, back in 1997. Tina was on the show to promote her Wildest Dreams album and the Australian leg of the Wildest Dreams tour. She sings three songs: Goldeneye, Let’s Stay Together and Proud Mary, and is joined by her full live band. Continue reading for the videos of these amazing live performances. Furthermore, we would like to thank all our visitors for the support for this blog over the past year. We hope to continue bringing you the latest Tina news, and the best classics from our archives, for many years to come!

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Tina Turner – live on Taratata – 1999

Tina Turner performed on the French tv-show Taratata in  1999 (recorded October 30, broadcast November 29) to promote her new album Twenty Four Seven. She performed live with her own band and a big orchestra, very impressive performances. Tina played four songs: River Deep, Mountain High, When The Heartache Is Over, Let’s Stay Together and Whatever You Need. She was also interviewed twice during the show. Click continue reading for the video (27 min), audio downloads and french version. Merci to Nicolas for providing these videos!

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Tina Turner – UK tour book – 1984

Tina Turner - 1984 UK tour book - 1

In the beginning of 1984, Tina Turner went out on a month-long UK tour. An important period for Tina, her first single in years, a cover of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ had just reached number 7 in UK Charts. This was completely unexpected, Tina had been struggling for 7 years as a solo artist, failing to have a hit single or album. This 1984 UK tour was the last time she would perform in small clubs and theaters. When she returned to the United Kingdom in 1985, she had a hit album ‘Private Dancer’ and performed in sold out arenas. This tour book shows rare photos from her first steps towards success as a solo artist. Click below to see the photos and a PDF file of the tourbook thanks to Juerschen.

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