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Tina Rolling with the Stones

Tina & Keith Richards at The Ritz in 1983

The Rolling Stones are currently on fire, touring Asia and Australia with their ’14 On Fire’ tour, which will be continued in Europe in the Spring. Appearing on Europe’s biggest festivals, the rockers indeed prove that age is just a number (are you taking notes, Roger Davies?). Tina is no stranger to the Stones; they are in a love relationship that started in 1966, when Ike and Tina opened on the Stones’ UK tour, and continued all through Tina’s comeback. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll – but we like it: here are 7 times that Tina covered the Stones.

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Tina Turner ‘Speaks Up’ in 1985

Listen to this nice interview of Tina Turner talking about her colleagues such as Mick Jagger, Madonna, Prince; her influences and her projects  for the year 1986! The interview was conducted by Peter Panton for Speak Up magazine. Click continue reading for the audio and a full transcription of the interview.

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Honky Tonk Woman: Tina Turner opening for the Rolling Stones in 1981

The Rolling Stones had a great influence on Tina Turner’s career. Tina was influenced by their music and covered their songs throughout her career (Honky Tonk Woman, Jumping Jack Flash, It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll, Out Of Time). Moreover, she was impressed by their capability to sell out arena’s and stadiums all over the world.

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