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Only in Rome: Tina Turner attends Armani party (Updated – June 10th 2013)

a Turner - Armani One Night Only in Rome - June 5, 2013 - 04

Tina Turner made a rare public appearance today at Giorgio Armani’s special ‘One Night Only’ at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. She looked stunning at 73 years old. Tina, who became Vogue’s oldest cover model ever earlier this year, is a big admirer and friend of Giorgio Armani, and regularly visits his presentations. In May 2012, she flew to Beijing, China to attend a previous edition of the ‘One Night Only’ event. She also regularly wore Armani’s couture on stage. The event in Rome coincided with the re-opening of Armani’s boutique, and a special exhibition ‘Eccentrico’ which runs this weekend. Continue reading for video’s and more photos.

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Holidays in Croatia (updated)

Tina Turner flew into Dubrovnik, Croatia today – to spend some holidays there on the “Lady Marina” yacht. See the video below of Tina arriving, and continue reading for photos.

“American singer Tina Turner arrived in the southern Adriatic resort of Dubrovnik on Wednesday aboard a private jet and later boarded the Lady Marina yacht, where she will spend her holidays with friends. The Lady Marina is one of the 100 biggest yachts in the world. It is owned by Swiss millionaire Sergio Mantegazza.”

Update: continue reading for another video, thanks to Nikola!

Update: Daily Mail‘ article about Tina on her vacation!

Source: dulist.hr

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Tina Turner talks about “Children Beyond” – September 13, 2011

Here is a comment wrote by Tina:

I was born into a baptist family. I went to church every sunday. The preacher were speaking the words of God. I didn’t hear what the preacher said but it was the environnment. It was the peoples Amen in agreeing what the preacher said and then we had a young baptist reunion to learn about the bible. It helps, I don’t remember it helped me to be a better person but it put me in touch with information about God and Jesus, the truth and being nice to people. That was a part of my life when I was 11 or 12. I continued with the Lords prayer because my mother tought us that that will help us. And I kept the Lords Prayer straight through life until I was introduced to Buddhism. But it didn’t matter that I changed from Baptist to Buddhist because I learned later that it is the same. I used different words…. maybe I needed different words.

Our Music BEYOND carries the message that we are all from one source. Therefore I live Baptism and Buddhism.



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Tina Turner – Emporio Armani Fashion Show – February 26, 2011 (updated)

Updated with 7 high resolution photos (March 6, 2011). See inside the post!

Tina Turner was at the Emporio Armani Fashion Show in Milan, Italy today! She looked gorgeous! Have a look at the gallery in the post to see more pictures and a short interview with Tina.

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