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I’ll Never Need More Than This

Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High - 50Th anniversary 2016

This year, one of the Tina Turner’s most important (if not the most important) recording turns 50. I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song River Deep Mountain High.It is the song that made me fall in love with Tina and it is definitely my song. For me, it always symbolized the path of a lifetime, the road is never flat, you might have to climb High Mountains and swim across Deep Rivers to achieve your goals.

Discovering the song as a child it totally blew me away. Living in a small village in the east of France, I never thought music could sound like this. I was familiar with Classical music but not that much with Rock & Roll and Soul music. And this song was the perfect combination of them all. Defying Spector’s Wall of Sound, Tina’s voice is like a perfect instrument and every sound coming out of her mouth penetrates our body and soul.

We all know the story behind River Deep Mountain High, Ike being put aside from the project by Spector, the reluctance of radio station to play a record judged too white for black stations and too black for white stations and most importantly, the fact that it launched Ike & Tina Turner’s career in Europe.

Everything has been said and written about River Deep so instead of long boring article, and to celebrate the anniversary of the album in the right way, a special upload  with a live version of River Deep Mountain High live at the Yankee Stadium in 1969! Enjoy!

2016 – A Supah Tina Year


2016 will be a Tina Turner Super Year. There are so many anniversaries it will be difficult to find any space left in the calendar which is not filled with albums or singles which were released so many years ago that they already pile up to decades. This introduction into 2016 will prepare you and your nerves for the Tina Turner rollercoaster ride you can expect but for which you might not be ready without seeing the big picture.

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Tina Turner and Paul Schaffer on Friday Night Videos

Tina Turner is a guest VJ on Friday Night Videos back in 1989. She is joined by Paul Schaffer: musician, composer and probably most famous as band leader on David Letterman’s Late Night shows. Paul is a big fan of Phil Spector, so he takes the opportunity to ask some questions to Tina about recording River Deep, Mountain High in 1966: she shares some interesting anecdotes. Besides that, Tina talks a bit about recording her album Foreign Affair, and of course introduces some of her favourite videos.

Tina Turner – live on Taratata – 1999

Tina Turner performed on the French tv-show Taratata in  1999 (recorded October 30, broadcast November 29) to promote her new album Twenty Four Seven. She performed live with her own band and a big orchestra, very impressive performances. Tina played four songs: River Deep, Mountain High, When The Heartache Is Over, Let’s Stay Together and Whatever You Need. She was also interviewed twice during the show. Click continue reading for the video (27 min), audio downloads and french version. Merci to Nicolas for providing these videos!

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January 30, 2009: Tina Turner performs in Hamburg, Germany


On our blog, we would also like to share some of the photos we made ourselves during various Tina Turner concerts. On January 30, 2009, Tina performed the first of three sold out concerts at Hamburg’s Color Line Arena. Click below to see a gallery of 78 photos taken during two of these concerts. Plus, a collection of newspaper clippings, with reports and reviews from these shows.

Tina Turner - concert ticket Hamburg - January 30, 2009

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