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Why Tina Turner’s ‘Love Thing’ Is Pretty Much Everything

Tina Turner - Love Thing Videoclip

Love Thing was the third single of Tina Turner’s 1991 compilation album Simply The Best. A hugely overlooked gem, here at The Tina Turner Blog we think that this song is among the best Tina did in the 1990’s (or in any decade for that matter). Inside this post, why we think Love Thing is… pretty much everything.

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Tina’s Love Story With Switzerland

Tina Turner - Switzerland - IO 2014
A NEW video of Tina Turner promoting her adopting country Switzerland and Swisscom new app IO! Discover why Tina Turner turned down her US citizenship and became Swiss. What’s discretion, privacy and the iO communication app got to do with it? Please find out, share and comment.
Exclusive: the yodel version of “Simply The Best” ringtone on iO.
Download now for free calls and messaging: http://bit.ly/1o1wLtM


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Contest: Win New Tina Turner ‘Love Songs’ CD (Closed)

Tina Turner - Love Songs - CD 2014

Get Lucky on The Tina Turner Blog! Not only we turned 3 years old very recently, but today, Feb 4th 2014, is also the day that Tina Turner new compilation ‘Love Songs’ hit the shelves worldwide! To celebrate the occasion, we are very happy to announce that we can give away FIVE new ‘Love Songs’ CD by Tina Turner.  These prizes are offered courtesy of Warner Music Group (Rhino) in charge of promoting the album.

The contest is now closed, you can no longer participate. The winners have been drawn.

UK: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.  
USA: Order Tina Turner’s Love Songs Here.
FRANCE: Acheter Tina Turner’s Love Songs Ici.
GERMANY: Kaufen Tina Turner’s Love Songs Hier.

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6 reasons to celebrate Tina Turner in 2014

Picture ©MatrixPhotos.com
Picture ©MatrixPhotos.com

Since this blog is called Tina Turner Blog well maybe we have to talk to you a bit about Tina Turner’s new release.That’s right, a new release!  Well according to Parlophone…  Because of course, there’s nothing new about this new “Love Song” compilation, even not the cover.  No new songs or previously unreleased tracks, just classics put together to sell a couple of cd’s on Valentine’s Day. And don’t expect 74-year old Turner to make any promotional appearances in support of the album, as she is “happily retired” from the music business according to her spokesperson.

So, until something more relevant comes from Mr Roger Davies & Parlophone, we thought we might refresh their memories with 6 reasons (there’s probably a thousand more) why Tina should be celebrated in 2014. Continue reading 6 reasons to celebrate Tina Turner in 2014

A Swedish Affair

Tina Turner poses for the press in Stockholm, Sweden, February 16th 1996, (AP Photo/Eric Roxfelt)
Tina Turner poses for the press in Stockholm, Sweden, February 16th 1996, (AP Photo/Eric Roxfelt)

After our recent trip to Sweden and a wonderful party with our good friend and fellow Tina fan Martina, we thought we would share some footages from the vault with a few tv appearances from Sweden. Starting with an interview from 1985’s Private Dancer Tour, then a live performance from Break Every Rule Tour and finally a video of Simply The Best as the opening number of the Foreign Affair Tour!

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A new album – a new style

21 years ago today, Tina released her first ‘solo’ greatest hits album: Simply The Best. The album includes many of Tina’s biggest hits, including three new songs: Love Thing, Way Of The World and I Want You Near Me. It was Tina’s first sign of activity after her 1990 Foreign Affair tour, at that time billed as her ‘farewell’ tour. History learns that, luckily, two more farewell tours would follow. But maybe the biggest surprise of this 1991 comeback was Tina’s new hair style. Gone were the huge lion manes – the new look was short and classy. With this album, Tina proved to be ready for the 90’s! Continue reading for the press release that went out for the album. Thanks to Lars and Alan for the scans!

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Tina Turner – The Best promo CD remixes – 1989

On this 1989 promo CD issued by Capitol Records in the United States, three alternative mixes of Tina Turner’s smash hit The Best are featured. The CD was issued without a cover. Below you can find the three mixes: Single Muscle mix, Extended Mighty mix and the Extended Muscle mix. Enjoy!

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