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Tina today in Zürich !


Birthday girl Tina Turner made a rare public appearance (although no tv or cameras where allowed) In Zurich to switch on the new Christmas lights she offered to her town of Kusnacht ! Can you believe she is turning 75 today!! Happy Birthday again Tina!


Tina turner Zurich 2015

And because it wouldnt be a real birthday without a video montage, here is one created by Drew!


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Tina Is 75: The Celebration Of A Legend

Tina Turner 2009

“Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keeps on burning”

The only certainty in life is that nothing is certain. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. When Tina Turner was asked for her sixtieth birthday what kind of message she wants to deliver to her audience, she answered exactly that. The feeling that everything changes and nothing stays the same.

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Xmas lights for Tina!

Tina Turner - Swiss 2014 Birthday Zurich
So it is officially confirmed: Tina Turner is sponsoring her home community in Küsnacht with Christmas lights.The rock legend ensures that Christmas spirit comes to the Lakes. Together with representatives of the local council Tina Turner has examined various options and finally chosen the lighting “Golden Twig” (golden branch).  “As a citizen of Küsnacht Tina Turner is pleased to contribute to the townscape in this way”.
The donation remains secret. Tina Turner will pay for the cost for this year, yet, the amount remains a mystery. According to “Zurich newspaper” it is worth around 250,000 francs.

The lights will be switched on next week, November 26, on Tina Turner’s 75th birthday! Here is a first glimpse at the street with the decoration. Listen to a Swiss radio report of the event here!

Christmas decoration in Tina's street in Kusnacht

Christmas decoration in Tina’s street in Kusnacht (Nov.17. 2014)


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Tina & Swisscom: Making Of

Tina Turner - Swisscom IO - Zurich, Switzerland - 2014
Behind the scenes of the new Swisscom app IO commercial with Tina Turner!


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Tina Goes Viral

(Foto: Fabian Kimoto)

(Photo: Fabian Kimoto)

In only a few days, the new Swisscom video commercial featuring Tina has reached 200,000 views and growing. Media worldwide made the video go viral. A very encouraging figure which, let assume, will make the campaign for the iO app a success. Will it lead to something else in the future in a more artistic way? Only time will tell…
Plus, here is a new interview with Tina (in German) posted today on the website Horizon.net!

Tina Turner - Swisscom 2014 IO App Interview

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“I Prefer Not To Be Reachable”

Tina gave an interview to Swiss magazine Blick about her life in Switzerland and being the new face for Swisscom app IO. The Queen of Rock tells us how much she loves living in Switzerland and why (even being the spokesperson for a communication app) she prefers not be reachable and accessible to her fans and the public. Tina Turner - Blick Interview 2014


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Tina’s Love Story With Switzerland

Tina Turner - Switzerland - IO 2014
A NEW video of Tina Turner promoting her adopting country Switzerland and Swisscom new app IO! Discover why Tina Turner turned down her US citizenship and became Swiss. What’s discretion, privacy and the iO communication app got to do with it? Please find out, share and comment.
Exclusive: the yodel version of “Simply The Best” ringtone on iO.
Download now for free calls and messaging: http://bit.ly/1o1wLtM


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Tina Turner & the Handreader


If you have you ever dreamed of watching Tina Turner performing “Steamy Windows“, “You can’t stop me loving You”, smoking a  ‘silly broken cigar’, having a hand reading by a woman, being assaulted by a horde of fans and flowers well… There you got it!!

From the vault and back in 1989 for the promotion of her Foreign Affair World Tour  on Swiss Tv show “Grell pastell” with Kurt Aeschbacher , Tina Turner appears very relaxed, talking about shooting Mad Max ‘Beyond Thunderdome’, the presenter is good, everything is in english (translated by the presenter, no voice over).

Oh and we let you judge of the handreader performance. Lots of screenshots inside the post! Enjoy!

Duration: 19 min.

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From Nutbush, TN to Küsnacht, Switzerland: Tina Turner is a Swiss citizen

Tina Turner & Regula Curti in front of Tina Turner's Chateau Algonquin in Zurich (March 2013)

Congratulations to Tina Turner: last Monday, she was handed her Swiss Passport. Having lived in Switzerland for over 15 years, she is now an official citizen of the country. Newspaper Blick reports that on April 22, she visited the Swiss passport bureau in Zürich together with husband-to-be Erwin Bach. Formalities, including taking a photo, took about 15 minutes. Before being able to apply for the passport, Tina had to take a citizenship test and learn the German language. We wish Tina a lot of happiness in her life as ‘Schweizerin’!

Source: Blick Zeitung


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Tina Turner christens Küsnacht’s rescue boat

Credit: Reto Schneider/ZSZ)

Credit: Reto Schneider/ZSZ)

Big surprise last saturday when Tina Turner inaugurated the new rescue boat of Küsnacht, the town where she lives since 1995.
“Ich taufe dich Tina” (“I christen you, Tina”), declared the singer in German, wishing the boat a good luck and a save journey. More info on the Zurichsee Zeitung website!

Also, a publication of  Kusnacht’s civil status, revealed that Tina Turner is now officially a Küsnacht citizen  (being referred as Turner-Bullock Tina). Continue reading to have a look at it.

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