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TINA Musical News

Tina Turner - Tina The Musical - Logo Poster - 2017pgA new email from the people of TINA, The Musical including a new photo of Queen Tina Turner! Here is what they had they to tell us:

Development of the musical is now in full swing, and as we head into the summer we have lots of exclusive updates to share with you.

Director Phyllida Lloyd recently met with Tina to discuss bringing the musical to stage – see the below exclusive image just for you! – and work on our official website is almost complete!

If that wasn’t enough, we have an exclusive preview of our official TINA Musical artwork coming for you VERY soon. Sneak peek for you below!

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Tina Turner & Phyllida Llyod - Tina, The Musical (2017)

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TINA The Musical: Official Announcement

tina-turner-musical-workshop-tina-the-musical-london-2016-2 Tina Turner in London, TINA The Musical Workshop – December 2016[/caption]

We talked about it for months (even decades among TINA Titans) and today it is finally official! TINA The Musical, will hit London’s West End in 2018. A special website has been launched for the occasion: TINA The Musical. Check it out & subscribe to the mailing list!
Moreover, here is a message from TINA herself:

We have been working on the musical for over a year now and today I am delighted to be able to share our news as we begin the next chapter of our journey. It has been wonderful to collaborate with Katori and Phyllida and to have my story nurtured by such an amazing creative team is thrilling. London has always had a very special place in my heart and it’s wonderful to be back.

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TINA The Musical: Opens 2018


Exciting news for all TINA fans,  Joop Van Den Ende, the producer of the TINA Musical, confirmed that workshops for the Musical will start on December 16 of this year and that the Musical will premiere in London in 2018! We can’t wait to know more about this and of course to experience it! See you all there!

TINA The Musical: Curtain Opens 2018

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Dutch musical producer and business man Joop van den Ende has announced he will collaborate with Tina Turner on a musical production of her life. He just revealed the first details about the show this evening on Dutch television. For several years, Joop has been negotiating with Tina, visiting her several times in Zurich. Last weekend, the contract was finally signed, when Tina and her husband Erwin Bach visited Joop and his wife at their home in The Netherlands.

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TINA Musical Project


Queen has “We Will Rock You”, Abba has “Mama Mia”, Gloria Estefan just launched her “Get on Your Feet” show…. Musical blockbusters!
Tina Turner’s life has already been portrayed a few times on stage but never a big dimension project. However it seems like things are going to change… After years of mentioning it in several interviews, a real project with an official involvement from Tina herself will probably see the light of the day in the near future thanks to Dutch theatrical producer Joop Van Den Ende.

If it does happen that means that Tina will also get involved in promoting the musical in some sort of way so that’s something to look forward to!
Thanks to DJ for the info!

Video from Dutch RTL Boulevard here. 

They Celebrated Tina this week!

Tina Turner 75 Birthday 2014

A week after Tina’s 75 birthday, it is time to do a round up of the internet and check out those who (apart from the Tina Turner Blog of course) celebrated the Queen of Rock this week!

First a rockin rendition of Tina’s first hit recorded in 1960, “A Fool in Love” by Fleur East on UK “X Factor”. Very fresh and modern result! Good luck to Fleur!

After rocking, let’s Vogue! Last year ‘Cover Girl‘ receives the magazine greetings! The “Huffpost” offers us “10 Times Tina Turner’s Legs were Simply The Best”! Fancy some ranking? The “BlackLot” gives it a try and ranks “The Top 20 Tina Turner Solo Song”. Very serious “International Business” for its part states that  “The Original Diva of Pop and Soul is Still Simply the Best”.  German magazine “Bild gives Tina a full treatment in text and rare photos! You “Junkees” want more? A great tribute and fun reading on their website!  Now, let’s go to Spain where ‘EL Mundo’ says “Why Tina stays the Queen of  Rock  at 75”. 75 years in 75 photos.

The Beyond Team send us an email asking to share their FB status (and this pic above) as well as their greetings to Tina! There it is:

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you and the pure light within you
Guide your way on, guide your way on

Happy Birthday and enjoy!
In deepest gratitude for all what you have given us.
Regula, Dechen, Sawani and the BEYOND Team

What a life! And LIFE indeed gives respect to Queen Tina with rare, unpublished photos!

Gjon Mili—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images (LIFE 2014)
Gjon Mili—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images (LIFE 2014)

Let’s conclude our journey, in video, in Tina’s beloved city of Kusnacht where she exclusively lives for the past 19 years. Swiss TV SFR takes us on a tour of  places where Tina ventures in the village!

And you? How did you celebrate Tina? Feel free to add any comments or articles in the comment section! Thanks!

Awards, Streetlights & TV


Once again, Tina is making news with small video apparitions from her Swiss Mansion and in local newspaper:

A new video emerged today on Beyond Fb page of Tina giving thanks for receiving the prestigious TARA Awards in Bangkok. Very short but funny and of course always nice to see the Queen.

According to this Swiss Newspaper, Tina is donating Christmas lights for her street in Küsnacht. About 250.000 swiss francs  but the city has to vote about accepting it or not!

And finally, a few weeks ago, Tina appeared on German tv to congratulate singer Udo Jurgens on his 80th birthday! Here’s the video thanks to Anja!

5 times Tina Turner made headlines in 2013

Tina Turner - Beyond 2013

What a year: a wedding, a Vogue cover, an interview with Oprah Winfrey and several other appearances. Not a bad “Tina Turner” year for us fans… Maybe too much to remember: therefore recap of all the Tina moments you shouldn’t have missed in 2013.

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