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‘I Don’t Sing About My Past’

Back to 1999: Tina Turner is heavily promoting her latest studio album Twenty Four Seven. Wheels started to turn for Tina after her incendiary  performance during VH1’s Divas Live and after the cancelation of a tour with Elton John, she went her own way. Massive promotion across the ocean for what would be Tina’s last album and last stadium tour. A new upload today, thanks to Kristian from Norway, with this video interview of Tina a couple of days before her appearance at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo! Looking fantastic, Tina talks about her latest hit When The Heartache Is Over, music and peace!

Arquest Remixes

Tina Turner - Arquest RemixesTwo remix albums have caught our attention lately and we simply have to say: check them out and import them into your music machine: „TINA Remixed“ which features many songs from the „24/7“ album and „The Album of Tina Turner“ which contains various hits from all albums in a new version. You can listen to these two albums online on Arquest´s Soundcloud or Youtube channels. You can also find him and his music on his Blogspot website: Arquest Remixes.

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Celebrating Three Million

We just hit the three million page views on The Tina Turner Blog! Thank you for all your support. The next milestone will be 100,000 Facebook  followers. Don’t forget to also subscribe to our Youtube and Twitter channels!

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve uploaded the official music videos for When The Heartache Is Over and Whatever You Need, for the first time in HD1080p. Enjoy and keep on visiting, liking, sharing and commenting!


Unfinished Business: Talk To All The Woman

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - demo CD

A few days ago, we already posted a long-lost studio version of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine‘ that was recorded for Tina Turner’s album ‘Twenty Four Seven’. But this was not the only new thing that could be found on a recently discovered test pressing of Tina’s 1999 final studio CD. Hero of the week Christian noticed that two songs that we already know appeared in a slightly different arrangement from the final cuts that you will find on the finished product. Namely, ‘All The Woman’ and ‘Talk To My Heart’ sound, well, unfinished, in a stripped-down arrangement. Tina’s vocal tracks however are the same as you can hear on the album. Sometimes it might so happen that one can prefer the demo version over the final mastered track. So, have a listen and let the music talk to your heart. And thanks again to Christian for sharing this with the Tina Turner fan community.

Talk To My Heart

All The Woman

You Heard It… Through The Grapevine

Tina Turner - You Heard It Through The Grapevine

Don’t believe half of what you see, son, and none of what you hear. As Tina Turner fans, we are always looking for the holy grail. Better said, there are several holy grails: Tina recordings that we’ve only heard about… but never heard! For years, there has been a rumor flying around about  a studio version of ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. The song appeared on some print promotional material for Tina’s 1999 album ‘Twenty Four Seven’ but was never actually released. Nobody knew if it really existed… until today. Thanks to Christian, who unearthed the song and shared it with us.

It is dance, it is disco; it is late nineties Europop. It took us by surprise, we must say. We don’t know what to think about it yet, but at least we’ve… heard it! What do you think? Listen to the song below, honey, honey!

When The Heartache Is Over

Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over singles - 1999

When The Heartache Is Over was the first single of Tina Turner’s 1999 album Twenty Four Seven. It was produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling, the same team that was responsible for Cher’s 1998 number 1 single Believe. In this post, we take a closer look at Tina’s single, from its origins to its live performances.

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Whole Lotta Love for Anaheim

Closing night of a world tour is a great opportunity to have some fun for Tina and the band. The atmosphere is a bit more loose, and emotional, and there is room for a few surprises. It shows in this audience recording of Tina introducing her band during the final date of her 2000 Twenty Four Seven world tour in Anaheim, California, exactly 12 years ago today. Tina and the band burst into an impromptu version of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love – a song that she already covered on her 1975 album Acid Queen. She shows she is capable of a great Robert Plant imitation. The only downside – it is too short: she leaves the audience longing to hear the whole song!

Listen below to the full band introduction from the concert, with Whole Lotta Love starting at 1 m 58 s. Also check out this post that we did a year ago, with a behind the scenes look of closing night in 2000.

January 22, 2000: Tina at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France

12 years ago today, Tina Turner was at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France. She performed the song When The Heartache Is Over from her album Twenty Four Seven. She was also presented with an honorary award, given to her by French actor Alain Delon. Continue reading for the video and a few more photos. Big thank you to Nicolas for the video!

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Tina Turner – live on Taratata – 1999

Tina Turner performed on the French tv-show Taratata in  1999 (recorded October 30, broadcast November 29) to promote her new album Twenty Four Seven. She performed live with her own band and a big orchestra, very impressive performances. Tina played four songs: River Deep, Mountain High, When The Heartache Is Over, Let’s Stay Together and Whatever You Need. She was also interviewed twice during the show. Click continue reading for the video (27 min), audio downloads and french version. Merci to Nicolas for providing these videos!

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