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Rock & TINA

A special treat for the French speaking readers (and they are many) of the TINA blog with this 1993 story featured in French Rock & Folk magazine. From her humble beginning to having a biopic made of her life at the age of 54, the article cover Tina’s career and also features an interview with Ike Turner. A very interesting read, sorry for not doing an English translation of it but as you can see the article is very long and unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend on translations these days… However if anyone feels like doing the dirty job and share it with all the fans, please feel free! Enjoy!

“I will make Tina happy” says Erwin

Normally, we are not too fond of all kinds of gossip magazines, but today , since the wedding between Erwin Bach and Tina Turner happened a couple months ago, we’ll make an exception: if only for the rare photos. In this 1988 article that appeared in a British tabloid magazine, Tina speaks candidly about her then still young relationship with Erwin. She also talks about her relationship with, and attitude towards men, both on stage and off. Continue reading for the full article.

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The Vogue interview: “I need to re-invent myself”

Copyright Vogue Germany - vogue.de
Copyright Vogue Germany – vogue.de

The April issue of Vogue, with Tina Turner on the cover, hit the newsstands today in Germany. The photo shoot, with photos by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, shows Tina looking more vibrant and elegant than ever. In the interview, Tina looks back at her past success, but also to the future.

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Tina Turner: Vogue cover girl at 73! (Updated)

Tina Turner in German Vogue - April 2013

From the cover: “A comeback? I need to re-invent myself. […] Tina, more than a rock ‘n’ roll icon: Tina Turner (wearing Giorgio Armani) at 73 is a marvel of serenity and joy!” Tina Turner will be on the cover of the German edition of Vogue magazine in April 2013. The issue will be on sale starting Wednesday March 13. The article is called: “TINA – more than a Rock ‘n’ Roll icon: at 73, Tina Turner is a wonder of serenity and joy for life”.

First reactions to the cover inside the post.
Update: Full coverage of the interview here!

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Tina Turner likes Spam a lot!

Dez Harkness was Tina Turner’s chef on her 1990 European Foreign Affair tour – and he reveals all of Tina’s preferences in this UK magazine article. Nothing out of the ordinary: salmon en croute, navarin of lamb, crepes for dessert and… Spam?! Well, apparently Tina also likes her meat out of a tin. And some more crazy rock star antics? A packet of crisps being flown in from London and a 500-pound room service bill: for one meal. Continue reading for the full article – including a nice backstage shot of Tina and her Chef.

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The conception of Beyond – Newsage magazine 2009

Tina Turner featured on the cover of the September/October 2009 issue of the German spiritual magazine Newsage. Inside the magazine is a short article on the first Beyond album with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay. This was Tina’s first collaboration on a spiritual album, and the article features some interesting information on how this project came about! Continue reading to see the full article (in German) and an English translation. Thank you Michael for providing these scans!

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Tina Turner – Lighting & Sound magazine – January 2009

A very interesting magazine article on Tina Turner’s 2008/2009 50th anniversary world tour. The article doesn’t focus on Tina, but rather on the production of this enormous show: stage design, video, audio, lighting, pyrotechnics. Many interesting details and it will definitely give you some new insights on the show. Big thanks to Marcin for providing these scans! Click the permalink beneath the photos to get a bigger view.

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March 21, 2009: TINA in Arnhem, The Netherlands

A very special post today! 2 years ago on this day, Tina Turner opened a series of concerts (March 21 and 22 and May 2) at the GelreDome in Arnhem, The Netherlands.  The shows were the biggest during Tina’s 50th anniversary tour, with approximately 33,000 fans in the stadium each night. Together with the concert in Prague, these were the only concerts with a standing audience. For this reason, the show was recorded for the dvd of the tour, but it was special also for a lot of other reasons.

In this post, you will find photos and newspaper articles from this show. Also, a (long) report about our experiences this weekend, written by Ben!

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