First things first,

Tina Turner Blog isn’t maintained by Tina Turner nor her management nor someone from her entourage. The articles published on the blog don’t reflect Tina’s opinion. The aim is to provide a serious and in deep work on Tina Turner’s rich career. This blog has no commercial aim whatsoever and doesn’t host advertisements.

The goal of Tina Turner Blog is to share and collect as many information and material on Tina Turner and give credits to the photographer, agencies, producers… when I have the information.
However, if you feel that in doing so, I have used material to which you own the rights: please contact me and I will remove it immediately.

Tina Turner Blog is a Foreign Affair…

This blog has been created by two European Tina Turner’s passionate and collectors  – Ben,  living in France and Sjef – originally from the Netherlands, living in Berlin, Germany. As of 2015, Sjef went his way with own Blog & Roll  and I wish him the best, this blog wouldn’t be here without him.

This blog was born out of our shared admiration for Tina Turner – the undisputed queen of rock. We were disappointed by the lack of good, information-rich websites about Tina, and felt that she deserved, well, more. So after Tina’s final concert tour in 2009, we thought it was time to take a look back at her rich career. We started writing in the Summer of 2010 and officially opened the blog in January of 2011. Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the warm responses we have received! By now, we have welcomed over 6 million visits on Tina Turner Blog. The blog Facebook page has 400.000+ Likes at the moment, the  Twitter is followed by 8500+ great people and last but not least the Blog YouTube channel  with its 200.000+ subscribers. So that makes a lot of followers from over the world and for that, I am extremely grateful and honored.

Among the many montages I made over the years, I am especially proud of the videos for the song “Mother Within (Heavenly Home) & and the Peace Mantra Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu both out from “Beyond” albums series.

I was fortunate to have been invited to press conferences for the Beyond CDs in Zurich back in 2011 and 2014. I am also very grateful for all the help I’ve received from fellow Tina fans all around the world. So many people have unselfishly shared their Tina material and experiences with me. And of course, I am thankful for the thousands of regular visitors from across the globe who enjoy the blog every day.

All is left to say is that I hope you enjoy Tina Turner Blog as much as I enjoy doing it! If you have any questions, if you would like to share your Tina stories or material with all the fans, or if you simply want to say hi, I look forward to hearing from you!


Meet & Greet Zurich, Nov.2004. With (left to right) Matt, Ben, TINA, Annemie, Sidney & Lea


Ben's Tina Turner's signature
‘Love To Ben aka Robbie Williams Eyes’ – Tina Turner (2004)


Short detour on my way to the Beyond ‘Love Within’ Press Conference in Zurich (2014)


Ben - Tina Turner Blog (July 2016).jpg
Behind the blog! Ben in the Tina Turner Blog ‘Vault’… (July 2016)


Nutbush 2016!


‘Little Town in Tennessee’ (2016)


TINA Street Art in Paris (January 2017)


Youtube ‘Silver Play Button’ for TinaTurnerBlog (November 2017)


Basic Blog Groupie! With the London cast of TINA The Musical (May 2018)


With Dominik Wichmann, co-author of Tina Turner’s ‘My Love Story’ (Munich 2018)

Ben Videos


22 Replies to “Blog Bio”

  1. Tina, when you be returning to the SOUTH USA to perform a concert? Long time admirer, WILLIAM L. STRICKLAND @ OPELIKA. ALABAMA


  2. Parabéns,rapazes pelo blog!
    Um material fantástico sobre a nossa amada Rainha do rock Tina Turner. Espero um dia encontrar vocês e poder agradecer pessoalmente.
    Moro no Brasil – Rio de Janeiro. Acompanho Tina desde que eu era criança . Hoje,tenho quase 48 anos!
    – Van ferreira


  3. Thank you, Ben, for this blog. I discovered it this morning when I googled: “where is Tina Turner today?” I was so thrilled to have access to so much quality information in one location. Again, thank you for your contribution to documenting a legend that so many of us admire and feel spiritually connected to.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ben, que grata surpresa encontrar seu blog sobre esta mulher incrivel que eu amo. moro no Rio de janeiro, Brasil. Assisti o show de Tina no Maracanã em 1988 e foi o espetaculo mais fantastico da minha vida e guardo com muito carinho na minha memória, hoje tenho 63 anos.

    Parabéns e obrigado.


  5. Hi Ben, thank you for this blog, i discovered it only recently. The amount of information you’ve put together here is incredible. I’m not sure i’ll manage to read it all in my lifetime:) I’ve only became Tina’s fan recently and i will never be able to watch her perform live, which devastates me, but reading about her on pages like yours gives me some comfort. Although i am so late, Tina has really touched me deeply and will stay in my heart forever.


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