Somewhere Beyond Zürichsee

Photo: B.Voser

Photo: B.Voser

Zurich, Switzerland. Yesterday the launch of the new Beyond album took place at Regula Curti’s Seeschau Center. After a mini tour of Germany to promote the album, the Beyond team reunited once again to present the CD to the Swiss media. We were again very fortunate to have been invited there. Tina Turner didn’t show up at the press conference but was present at the party that followed looking radiant and fantastic. The Tina Turner Blog was able to speak to Regula about Tina’s involvement in the album. Continue reading for more photos and videos from the press conference.

UPDATE: New video with a wonderful Tina Turner in supah form!

Above photos courtesy of Beyond on Facebook

GET ‘BEYOND’ (2009):



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14 responses to “Somewhere Beyond Zürichsee

  1. Bobby

    Thank you Ben & Sjef!!!!! You’re the best! So happy to see Tina 🙂 🙂

  2. Samantha

    wooooaaahhh Tina Turner is still the most beautiful woman in the world! Fabulous!

  3. David

    Tina Turner ❤ My Hero My Idol. Thanks!

  4. Happy to know that Tina is well and healthy ! Love to see her photos…thank you, Ben & Sjef for the job well done !

  5. Cherylin

    So happy to see Tina Turner healthy and can’t wait for the new Cd! Thanks !

  6. Paul

    Merci les gars vous faîtes un travail fantastique. Tina est toujours belle et sexy. Je vous embrasse.

  7. Tina look amazing and Ben is a handsome guy

  8. Mark, U.S.A.

    Again guys you have not disappointed Tina fans. The video, the pictures are great. It is good to see Tina, healthy and happy. Thanks for all you do, I and we appreciate every article, picture and video you guys put together for our enjoyment. Thanks a bunch.

  9. they all look so splendid!

  10. Marie

    Thanks a bunch Ben & Sjef! Always appreciate what you put together for us Tina fans! Good to see She’s looking fabulous and Healthy. Amazing job!

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  12. Eliza

    Did Tina Turner really had a stroke? is she sick? Is she ill? I am so worried 😦

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