Tina Turner Blog report: Children Beyond press conference – Part 1

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On September 28, Tina Turner together with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay and a group of 30 children presented their new spirtual album Children Beyond in Zurich, Switzerland. The Tina Turner Blog was very happy and proud to have been invited to this event. Below you will find a report of the press conference with many photos. As we have a lot of material, it is impossible for us to upload it all at once, so please check back for more photos and videos in the next few days! All credits for these photos to Lars!

The event, held at the Kaufsleuten restaurant and club in central Zurich, started at 3 PM with the screening of the Children Beyond movie, directed by Xaver Walser. In this 20-minute movie, narrated beautifully by Tina Turner, the message behind the Beyond and Children Beyond project is explained. All the religions at the world at the core have the same message: to love one another. Why then, do we keep focusing on the differences between religions instead of on their commonalities? The message is clear: Beyond means tolerance, unity and most of all love. The film showed this through interviews with the three singers, footage of the children and images from around the world, all of this set to the powerful soundtrack of Children Beyond. Apparently, the movie will be released later on dvd, maybe as a bonus disc to the Children Beyond album.

After the movie, Tina, Regula and Dechen took the stage for a short question and answer session with the interviewer of the afternoon. Tina looked beautiful, with long, curly hair in a ponytail, a silver/golden top, black pants and beautiful high heels. Tina looked a bit tense at this moment, not really comfortable on stage. It was explained that the goal of Beyond is to set in motion a new way of thinking, teaching tolerance to everybody. Tina explained that because the music is so modern, even people who are not religious per se, will take over the message through the music.

After this, a new addition to the Beyond project was introduced, the website Beyond Universe, on which users can create their own ‘mantras’ using the words and the music of Beyond. It looks promising!

Then, it was time for a performance of the three ladies with the group of thirty children. The performance was lip-synched, which showed that Tina hadn’t exactly memorized all the lyrics yet! But, the music was inspiring and it was a nice image to see Tina, Regula and Dechen with the big group of children.

Finally, the press had the chance to ask some questions. During this part of the conference, Tina appeared to be much more at ease, and she was laughing a lot. Perhaps she was happy the performance was over. The first question came from us, and we asked how it was for Tina to sing in such a different way, in different languages and in different styles, for instance some rap. Tina answered to that , that she enjoyed it very much. Although it wasn’t her idea originally, she had a lot of fun, especially with the rap part, and she hoped that the modern sound would reach a wide and young audience.

Tina was also asked why she decided to return to her singing career for this project, to which she replied that she actually never quit, and that she will always continue to record music when something interesting comes along. For the moment, she really enjoyed this new kind of music. Also, she was asked what she remembers about singing in her childhood, she replied that she was always entertaining the people when she was young, she would for instance sing for the shopkeepers. So singing has always been a part of her life.

After the interview session, the press conference was over. During this conference we saw a very different side of Tina. She seemed completely at ease with her life at the present, and she seemed to enjoy the Children Beyond project very much. The message behind the project is beautiful, and we can’t wait to see more of this side of Tina!


Press Conference HD Videos

Tv report about the Press Conference


Press Conference HD Videos

56 Replies to “Tina Turner Blog report: Children Beyond press conference – Part 1”

      1. Hey guys, you do such a great job keeping us fans updated on all Tina activities! Thank you for that – love your site! Steve from Germany

  1. Ben, Sjef, Marco and Lars… you guys did a great job getting your feet into the press conference and thank you so much for sharing all this with us. Reading the article, I felt the excitement! Sjef! WOW – you had the guts to stand up and ask TINA TURNER a question! I would have sh…ed myself. (did you??) 🙂
    GREAT JOB!!!

    1. Hallo Anja, thanks for your comment,what a crazy day!
      We were very lucky on that one and Sjef indeed did a great job asking her a question. He can be proud of himself, i am very proud of him and i guess most people that knows him can be 🙂
      And of course, i am glad Lars & Marco joined him since i couldn’t make it…next time 😉

  2. Hi, thanks for this great article! I am VERY impressed that you got in and spoke to Tina!!! If it weren’t for all of you over “there” in Europe, I’d be completely out of the loop on TIna news. There never seems to be anything reported now in the U.S. on her. I look forward for more updates.

    1. Hey Hank, thanks a lot for your comment, that was a crazy indeed especially for Sjef. Don’t worry, in France Tina doesn’t have any media attention at all for the moment. Of course the cd is only released in a few countries but still…Let’s hope she’ll promote it a bit more! Stay tune for more updates tomorrow 🙂

  3. It was a wonderful day! But that TINA was sitting in front row, and I was only fourth, directly behind her…tststs. Normally, I don´t like that…but in that case…it was OK. 😉

  4. As much as I am a fan and look forward to every new picture of Tina, I don’t think some of the fotos do Tina much of a favour in fact it is rather concerning. Is this a matter of very bad make-up or photography?

      1. Well, I think the problem was that it was already very hot in the room itself, so one can imagine how warm it was on the stage, so Tina was sweating quite a bit. Other than that, we know Tina likes to wear a lot of make up for official events like this, and I thought she looked great, much better than in the Children Beyond movie/promo videos!

  5. Some “fans” can be so hard on her. She looks great at almost 72 and most important, she’s still in good health. Did you guys get a copy of the CD already? Is it as good as the first one?

    1. Yes, we did get a copy, but didn’t have the chance to listen to it completely yet. But from what I’ve heard of it so far, I like it better than the first one! Tina is actually singing a lot, instead of just talking, and there’s much more rhythm to the music. As Tina said, it’s really meant to dance/move to the music. And her spoken word/rap parts are very beautiful, she has a wonderfully deep voice now!

  6. that make up spoils everything unfortunately. I think she was chasing a different look, coz it looks like she’s partly tanned, it didn’t work. It spoils
    an otherwise very sexy look. The hair is totally amazing, the outfit and the shoes, WOW!

  7. What a great job guys!I dont usually write any cooments but this time you deserved it. Thank you for keep us all informed. Tina looked great but over and irreguarly tanned

  8. Love the “live” video!!! So cool.

    People, it’s clear that Tina is wearing a very “white” base makeup on her face – to lighten it up. She often does it, but this time it seems it’s not distributed equally in her face… probably it looks amazing when you see her in person, but in photography it seems a little bit out of her natural skin tone. Get over it.

    There’s no room for criticism… she looks beautiful, vibrant, healthy, full of life and still very attractive…her body and face are gorgeous… I’m not even mention her age here. I never saw a woman of her age looking so fresh – she’s unique.

    1. Agree with you! At least when we saw her ‘live’ we didn’t notice it! Again, I think it has to do with the heat and her sweating, the make-up might’ve been wearing a bit off!

  9. Thank you guys for taking the time, the effort and having the generosity in allowing us to be updated all at your own personal cost and time. It’s really appreciated by me that you got to such trouble with the blog!

    Always grateful!


  10. Hi Ben and Sjef,
    Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed looking through the photos. Tina looks great as always! She never puts her high heels away for a rest. I seem to walk better in my high heels after a few drinks, LOL! It was great you got an invite to the press conference and you spoke to her too, WOW! I love your blog!

  11. …usa as nuvens como o teu carro de guerra e voas nas asas do vento.Fazes com que os ventos sejam os teus mensageiros e com que os relâmpagos sejam os teus servidores.. beijos Anna Mae.

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