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Tina Turner & Regula Curti – Bilanz Magazine interview – December 16, 2011

Tina Turner & Regula Curti gave an interview last December to Swiss magazine Bilanz. Click continue to read the whole interview!

Update: English translation is now added.

Website for the magazine: Bilanz.ch

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Tina Turner in 2011 – a look back

We take one last look back on the past year, filled with Tina Turner news, before moving on in 2012. For a rock queen in retirement, she was in the news quite often! We saw re-releases of old material, public appearances, television performances and of course the release of her spiritual album Children Beyond. Continue reading for the most important moments of the past year. Furthermore, we thank you very much for all of your support in the last year, and we look forward to seeing all of you again in this new year, with hopefully again a lot of Tina news! Happy new year!

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Tina Turner: “No Stage Come Back!”

Yvonne Beister interviewed Tina Turner last saturday in Berlin and asked her if she would come back on stage one day. Turner answered that she is not going to come back on stage – from now on she only wants to do things that will make her happy…

Translation of the interview (Thanks Anja):

XXL-heels, skin-tight leather pants, mini dress.
She is 72! And acts as if she was 48. Rock phenomenon Tina Turner (180 million discs sold)

Beauty secret?

“I’m always in motion, do gymnastics, do not eat too greasy and I surround myself with no negative thoughts.”

Happiness recipe?

“My spirituality. I had a hard time. The faith has made me strong. Everyone has a divine power in him that makes him strong. ”

Stage comeback?

“I come back no more. I will not go back to the stage in order to make people happy. From now on I will focus on making myself happy. ”

Link to the interview (in German) on the website of Bild Zeitung.

Continue reading for a scan of the article in the print edition of the newspaper, thanks to Karin!

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Tina Turner & Children Beyond – Sports Awards Zurich – December 11, 2011 (updated December 23, 2011)

The Children Beyond group: Tina Turner, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and the children performed at the Swiss Sports Awards in Zurich, Switzerland tonight. They performed “When You Sing” a medley of songs from the Children Beyond album, at the end of the gala show. The show was be broadcast live on Swiss television. Tina looked great, the ‘remix’ of Beyond songs sounded very fresh,  and Regula, Dechen and the children did excellent! Below, you will find the video of the performance. Continue reading for photos and a short video of Tina at the rehearsals yesterday plus photos from the performance itself.

Update December 23: the Beyond team provided the song that was performed ‘When You Sing’ as a free download – a special Christmas gift! Check it out here.

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Tina Turner to appear at Herz für Kinder gala in Berlin, December 17

Tina Turner, together with the Swiss children choir of Children Beyond, will perform at the Herz für Kinder charity gala in Berlin, Germany on December 17. It is a big charity show with many celebrities that will be broadcast live on German TV channel ZDF. See the press release here. For the moment it is unknown whether tickets will be available for the general public.

Update: tickets will not be available for the general public.

Ein Herz für Kinder (A Heart for Children) is one of the biggest annual German charity events. They support several projects aimed at improving the situation of children everywhere, so it will be a wonderful collaboration with the Children Beyond project. Check out their website to learn more about their projects at: http://www.ein-herz-fuer-kinder.de/.

Tina Turner in Venice – November 14, 2011

Tina Turner  and her boyfriend Erwin Bach were spotted in Venice, Italy (apparently today). Some photos of her looking fabulous just appeared on this Polish news site. See below for more photos.

UPDATE: 4 new photos added today, not the best quality but come back and check later, maybe we’ll have the chance to update it again 🙂

UPDATE 2: 4 more photos added.

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Tina Turner blog review – Children Beyond

Children Beyond is the follow-up to the 2009 album Beyond. This album constituted a remarkable shift in Tina Turner’s career, as it was her first involvement in a spiritual project. Beyond was a big success, reaching a top 10 position in the Swiss album charts and raising approximately 300,000 Swiss Francs (325,000 US Dollars) for several charity projects. Therefore, it was a logical decision to continue the project with Children Beyond, which will be released in Switzerland and in a digital version today.

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Children Beyond press conference – video (updated)

The complete Children Beyond press launch is now online in full HD video, filmed by Sjef. Make sure to click on the YouTube links to watch it in the best quality possible!

1. Question and answer session, introduction of the singers. (5.30 mins)

2. Performance of Calling by Tina and Buddham Saranam Gacchami plus 20 minutes of questions from the audience. (25 mins)

(at 7.30 mins you can hear the question by Sjef plus Tina’s response)


Press Conference coverage by Sjef Part 1 & Part 2