Kenny Moore - 1997Twenty years ago, on March 25, 1997, Tina Turner’s charismatic pianist and backing vocal Kenny Moore passed away while on tour in Australia. An incredible musician and fantastic showman, Kenny was a key member of Tina’s band from her early solo career in McDonald’s conventions and hotels to the biggest stadiums in the world. His flamboyance and charisma made him the best audience entertainer when Tina was offstage changing outfit. His additions to Tina’s songs and concerts are memorable and all part of the show. The chemistry between them was unique and you can’t sing a live Tina song without doing the ‘Kenny Parts’. I had the chance to meet a couple of people who knew him and from everything you can read about him, he was a genuinely nice, caring and loving person, living for his art.Tina Turner & Kenny Moore Live .jpgBorn in 1952 in Boston, Kenneth M. Moore was raised on gospel musc, joining a family group called ‘The Moore Singers’. Classical trained on piano, Moore got his first break in 1973 when he performed behind Duke Ellington on a television programme, and then as a vocalist behind the Rev James Cleveland. Finding work as a session played, he backed Aretha Franklin, Billy Preston, Carly Simon, Elton John and Ray Charles. As a solo artist he released an album on his own label in 1987 ‘Have you got a moment?.

Kenny joined Tina Turner’s band in 1977 and performed on several of her albums. He passed away in 1997 in Sydney, Australia during Tina’s Wildest Dreams World Tour. Chuck Booker replaced Moore for the remaining dates of the tour. Tina Turner dedicated every performances of the tour thereafter to Moore.

Kenny performing Georgia On My Mind live at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands back in 1992 .

18 Replies to “Remembering Kenny”

  1. I believe it was during the “What’s Love” tour, in NY City, I had the privilege to be hanging out with some of the band after the show, and Kenny played some of the most exquisitely beautiful Chopin I have ever heard from anyone. I’d suspected that he was a classically trained pianist by how he kept his wrists elevated. His Chopin that evening confirmed it.


  2. Tina turner what a blessing to humanity
    …children….adults and all planet earth the beauty and energy that comes through your voice being beauty whilst singing and chants too. I adore you god bless Yvonne nz


  3. I knew very well Kenny. My husband was a drummer from switzerland. They used to play together (drum, piano, voice) in piano bar in Lausanne, Neuchâtel etc… When he was in Lausanne I cooked for him Chili Con carne. Once I forgot and he entered in my house shouting “Nathalie, where is my Chili”. that become a joke between us. My husband passed away with cancer March 19th 1997… 5 days before Kenny.


    1. Hello Nathalie, thank you for your message and touching story. Kenny was a great man as I am sure was your husband! Oh and I’d love to taste your Chili someday 😉 Best! Ben


  4. What a wonderful man, sorry to hear that he is gone. I met Ken at a little bar in Interlaken, Switzerland that he was performing at. Me and my buddy AJ were in Interlaken for work and we went to the show. We were the only Americans in the bar so he kept telling everyone that we were important and we got the royal treatment. Nice guy, rest in peace. You and AJ can rock together .


  5. Kenny.. I didn’t know he passed away. I (*68) remember him as the sontanious lauging piano/ organ player at a Tina Turner live concert I watched with my sister and parents back in the 80’s. Betamax videotape. We watched it often. Tina introduced Kenny in a special way, I think of that several times a year. And now….. (can’t remember) and then she mentions “future superstar”, and Kenny laughs from ear to ear. That moment is in stone in my head. Thanks Tina, thanks Kenny. Music is a universal language. Love to all from Holland.


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