tina-turner-erwin-bach-christmasA very Merry Christmas to Mr & Mrs Bach and to every readers of Tina Turner Blog! Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays with your loved ones and let’s not forget those who are alone and less fortunate.

A few updates concerning the blog:

First, you’ll find in the Menu a new ‘TINA The Musical‘ section! A simple click to read every updates and informations we have so far concerning the forthcoming musical on Tina Turner’s life.

Second, two new additions to our Networks with TINA Blog Videos & TINA HD. You’ll respectively find on both pages, the video montage I’ve made for Tina Turner Blog and every High Definition/4K uploads from our Youtube channel in one place!

Thirdly, a new ‘Archives’ button is making its apparition (on the left side of the page if you are on your computer, at the bottom if you are viewing the mobile version of the blog) to help you navigate more easily throughout six years of blogging on Tina Turner Blog!

And because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a small present, here is a new video upload of Tina giving an incredible rendition of her classic hit ‘Let’s Stay Together’ unplugged on American TV back in 1997. Who else thinks that  the concept of re-arranging Tina’s songs unplugged should have come to reality somehow!? I say, not too late for a ‘TINA Unplugged: One Night Only’ live in Zurich!

Merry Christmas Everybody! 🎄

12 Replies to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Sending Merry Christmas wishes to you and a big THANK YOU for all of the hard work put into this wonderful blog. Love the updates ❤


  2. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with my fav Rocker 👸🏽Merry Christmas to the Bach’s, the blog family & all your dearest ones!💝🌎☯️🛐 ✝️🎄🎅🏻♐️🇨🇼


  3. I absolutely love Tina Turner.
    I too am a Southern girl from Arkansas. Reared in the segregation era. I can relate to her life, & I am truly proud of her. Such a Spohicated, Elegant, Beautiful YOUNG woman. She will always be youthful….with those firm knock-out long legs. And her throaty sexy voice. Keep moving my Queen.


  4. Dear, Mis Turner, if you could find it in your heart to look beyond this digital world and see this grandmother and mother’s lifes worth of work to better our world by bringing back all peoples inherent natural rights to sovereignty, sustainability, and stewardship, I promise you Mam I would not let you down… Blessings to you and your in the coming year!


    1. Hi Mary, Tina Turner Blog isn’t maintained by Miss Tina nor her entourage. She isn’t a computer freak and it’s fair to say that she doesn’t live in a digital world 😉 Best!


  5. Merci pour tout le travail que vous faites pour nous. Je souhaite de bonnes fêtes à toute l’équipe du site. Et à ceux qui sont seuls. Good Energy⛵ All The Best💕 Love Things💕Big kiss💕


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