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Merry Christmas

tina-turner-erwin-bach-christmasA very Merry Christmas to Mr & Mrs Bach and to every readers of Tina Turner Blog! Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays with your loved ones and let’s not forget those who are alone and less fortunate.

A few updates concerning the blog:

First, you’ll find in the Menu a new ‘TINA The Musical‘ section! A simple click to read every updates and informations we have so far concerning the forthcoming musical on Tina Turner’s life.

Second, two new additions to our Networks with TINA Blog Videos & TINA HD. You’ll respectively find on both pages, the video montage I’ve made for Tina Turner Blog and every High Definition/4K uploads from our Youtube channel in one place!

Thirdly, a new ‘Archives’ button is making its apparition (on the left side of the page if you are on your computer, at the bottom if you are viewing the mobile version of the blog) to help you navigate more easily throughout six years of blogging on Tina Turner Blog!

And because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a small present, here is a new video upload of Tina giving an incredible rendition of her classic hit ‘Let’s Stay Together’ unplugged on American TV back in 1997. Who else thinks that  the concept of re-arranging Tina’s songs unplugged should have come to reality somehow!? I say, not too late for a ‘TINA Unplugged: One Night Only’ live in Zurich!

Merry Christmas Everybody! 🎄

Recordings From A Parallel Universe


Sometimes, in the office holding the coffee mug in your hand, you are definitely allowed to dream…about your next holidays and your newest gym-styled beach body…the new sound system in the living room…or – for example – what albums Tina Turner could have released after 1999. Because – just for the record – she promised…oh yes, she promised to record. Okay, she did not say anything about a big tour at the age of 69 but she promised to continue recording.

So, here is what happened in a parallel universe (just around the corner of the alpha quadrant) incl. examples from our mutually shared universe where other artists stole my fantastic proposals.
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August 23, 1996: Tina live in Warsaw

The day after Tina Turner’s concert in Prague on August 22 1996 and before taking over the Flanders Expo in Ghent (Belgium) for 6 crazy nights, Tina Turner and her Wildest Dreams tour stopped in Warsaw, Poland for a memorable concert. The first songs of the concert were broadcast on TV and today it is your chance to watch them again. Plus, we’ve uploaded for you the “unplugged section” of the concert in audio. Enjoy!

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Tina takes it nice and easy at Macy’s Passport (Updated)

On September 18, 1997, Tina Turner sang at the Macy’s Passport  fund-raiser and fashion show  in San Francisco, CA. The show was aimed to raise funds and awareness for the AIDS virus. Tina performed a set of unplugged songs including “The Best”, “What’s love” &  “Proud Mary”. Continue reading to listen to those songs and for a set of marvelous pictures of Tina’s performance!

If anybody has more footage (video & audio) concerning this event, please contact us! Thanks!

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