It is quite an exceptional event that happened last evening on German TV. Tina Turner’s discreet husband, German producer Erwin Bach spoke for the first time in front of cameras without his legendary wife appearing beside him.

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In time for the promotion of My Love Story and the upcoming TINA,The Musical opening in Hamburg in March 2019, the man responsible for literally saving Tina’s life evoke the strong relationship the two have built over the years.

A true gentlemen and talented business man, Mr. Bach prefers to stay en retrait from the lights but sometimes participate to special events such as the presentation of Kristina Love, the actress who will play TINA in the upcoming German version of TINA, The Musical.

‘That’s part of the deal’! Enjoy the video from RTL broadcasted last night!

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    1. I was Tina’s security guard when she first met Erwin in 1986. I was in Germany and Switzerland with Tina during Christmas holiday, when they spent time together. So nice to see them so in love, still. Would like to get a message to them somehow, if anyone has their contact information.

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    2. querida Tina…siempre te he admirado, tu voz me acompañó durante toda mi adolescencia….eres la mejor voz de color con una fuerza incomparable


  1. Theirs is a beautiful love story and even thought I don’t understand a word, this only makes it more tangible! Thanks, Ben, and I’m enjoying the book very much.


  2. Translation:
    16 years of age difference but it works.
    Erwin: Since 1986, that’s so to speak 32 years, if I count right. 32 years, yeah.
    A Rhineland guy became the big love of a superstar from Tennessee.
    Erwin: Indeed, it is sometimes strange to have to share my partner with the public. That’s the case here, but that’s part of the deal.
    Hamburg last night, Tina Turner came with her husband, but she stands alone in front of the press.
    Also this seems to be „part of the deal“, she is the star and meets the new actress of the Stage produced musical which will start in March 2019 in Hamburg.
    Tina: I saw the harbor, these big ships! OMG! They are huge, I said to my husband, they scare me a little bit. Gosh they were huge.
    After her first husband Ike abused her for many years, she met Erwin Bach at a party. The Cologne Man was a music manager of her former record company. Which might be the reason why he prefers to be in the background, until today. Which makes our interview with him in the garden of their swiss luxury Villa even more special.
    Erwin: We are not acting with each other, we are always open and honest and we are happy for every day the sun shines.

    But the sun doesn’t shine every day. In 2017 Turner is very sick because of a kidney problem, that she prepares for her death. Her husband Erwin saves her in the last second by donating his kidney to her. He also stands by his wife, when Tina’s oldest son Craig committed suicide in July 2018.
    We want to know how they were able to go through all this as a Couple.
    Erwin: She has an incredible charming appearance that gives hope and strength to people, to me, she gives me the motivation to create a new world every day.
    Tina Turner and her so called toy boy are an impressive pair and officially married since 2013.


  3. Wishing big success with the German version of Tina The Musical.So good to see the beautiful couple Mrs.&Mr. Bach happy,smiling,laughing.
    Every day to start with Tina’s songs -is a good and happy day.
    All the best to them and to the fans♡♡♡♡


  4. Anja and Ben – thank you so much for the post and the translation! Love and appreciate you both so much and am so thankful you were in Hamburg!


  5. Tina Turner is Inspiration for the world, what many people do not fully understand is men as well as women get abused everyday. We as a people focus on the abuse of women, but not men. Tina’s life story unfolds to everyone who has had to endure abuse at the hands of the abuser. Tina’s story provides a way out. What I got out of the story was her Willingness to forgive, accept and start over. She could have been a alcoholic, a drug addict, but instead she found a power greater than man and herself and in that power she discovered the will to survive. Once that will kicked in she allowed herself to accept humility and then and only then did she walk with her head erect out into this world as a woman WHO COULD FACE ANYTHING, AND EVERYTHING POSSIBLE WAS AWAITING HER ARRIVAL. TINA IF YOU EVER RECIEVE THIS MESSAGE KNOW THAT THE USA LOVED EVERY MOMENT YOU GAVE US. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST, BETTER THAN ANYONE, ANYONE WE’VE EVER MET!!! LOTS OF LOVE, YVONNE.


  6. Erwin Bach thank you for understanding and giving Tina a different type of Love. You symbolize love. Every man should take note at how you balance life and love. You are a down to earth man. Inspite of your riches your heart is Pure. May God bless you in ways like never before. You are also admired in America. Your ability to share apart of you with Tina was proof to her, us, was not unusual, it was AMAZING JUST LIKE YOU. #SimplyTheBest.


  7. I adore Tina! She is the Greatest! I am trying to get older like her, with passion for life and love for everybody. and everything. I love you, Tina! I respect Erwin for giving you all you deserve. My dream is to meet you and talk to you.


  8. The best for both of them! It’s the first time i heard Erwin speak german, he is as articulate in german as he is in english. I’m a huge fan of Tina’s music and life, to the point of starting to embrace Buddhism. It is amazing how calming the chanting is. It brought me peace. She has such an impact on me! Thank you!


  9. Tina it is so great to see the Lord seen fit to give you your health back now you will always have a peace of Erin with YOU THE LOVE SHINES THROUGH Y’ALL TINA YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST YEARS AGO I HAD TWO TICKETS SOMEONE DECIDED NO TO GO BUT THAT DID NOT STOP ME BIG FAN STAY BIZZ AND HEALTHY..


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