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Tina 75 poster

TINA 75: the Tina Turner birthday fan party is coming to Berlin!
November 26, 2014, Tina Turner will be celebrating her 75th birthday. As in the previous five years, a Tina Turner birthday fan party will be organized. And big news: we are moving to Berlin!
We are going to break every rule and make TINA 75 the biggest Tina Turner fan party in history. From November 21 until November 23, fans from all over the world are taking over Germany’s capital to celebrate the life and music of the Queen of Rock. Will you be there?!
We are still working on the details, the exact program will be revealed on a later date. For now, check out all the information on the party website and start making your travel arrangements. See you in Berlin! Jawohl!


45 thoughts on “Tina Birthday Party”

  1. Is there ever a chance that I can meet Tina in person. I have been a fan of hers since my 20’s . What a LADY!

    Just want to sit down with her and chat. What more can a man ask for for a Legend that brought so much happiness into music.

    Best regard,

    Thank you .
    John Michaud

    1. Unfortunately John, this is something we would all like, but for the moment Tina appears in public very rarely and it’s even more rare for her to do meetings with fans!

  2. I love tina i have watched this women ever since i was five years old and studied her ever move i love her wish one day i could possiably meet her

  3. Ciao TINA TURNER ti faccio i miei auguri di un felice compleanno e di passare una felice giornata con i tuoi amici . Ma ti vorrei dire una cosa che tu perrme sarai sempre SIMPLY THE BEST ciè la migliore cantante del mondo intero che ha saputo scrivere delle canzzoni scritte con il cuore e con la passione che mette ogni giorno della giornata e ti mando un grande baccio e I LOVE YOU FOREVER . Ciao dal tuo grande fan da sempre mia unica TINA TURNER .

    1. Quante probabilità ci sono che Tina legga il tuo messaggio e che lo capisca? Qui si tratta di un Fan Party e, purtroppo, Tina non sarà presente. In ogni modo, non tutte le canzoni le ha scritte lei, anzi, solo una piccola parte.

    You Are simply the best musician of the World
    You are the Worlds Icon of Rock Music
    I love you your perfect voice is phennomenal inspiration for my life
    I love you Tina
    I wish your great comeback to music stage
    I waiting for your next new album with your new perfect songs.
    Dear Tina I never dont forget you
    Poland love you Tina
    Respect for you and for your great manager Roger Davies
    Happy Birthday , Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 I wish you from all my heart.

    Respect for you

    God Bless your great heart.

    Greetings from Warsaw , Poland

    Patryk Texas Musician / MTV Showman

    E mail : patricktexas.vipmtv@mtv.pl
    Patryk Texas
    ul.Świętokrzyska 31/33
    00-001 WARSZAWA 1

  5. Dear Anne Mae,

    I looking forward to a New Chanting cd, with the 5 prayers,
    by You Tina…..
    So that I may continue to Chant everyday with You…
    “What a Blessing”!

    With all my Love & Respect to You Always,

    “You are Simply The Best”!

    Betty Jean

  6. Hello There,
    Pick me up on the over too…
    Just give the day 7 time and I will be ready .
    I would be more than Honored to attend Tina Birthday Party too.

  7. I must have missed read about the party,
    I thought Tina herself was going to be there,
    So, I do want to say, “Thank You”, but no Thank you..
    at this time….
    I will Never met this woman in person,
    Not in my life time.
    But it’s been a nice Journey anyway….

  8. I do blues tour in the Mississippi Delta I stayed In the room you Ike was in Clarkdale at the sackup inn. You need to take blues tour because you are big part of the blues in the mississippi Delta

  9. I am going to fly to Amsterdam for this party BUT my plabe lands at 19:30. Does this party go all night? I need to get to my hotel, check in and freshen up. I probably won’t get to the bar until 22:00 – is it worth it?

    1. If you arrive around 22, you can still enjoy most of the party! There is no end time, and in previous years most people left about 2-3 AM. Hope to see you in Amsterdam!

  10. If you didnt grow up listening and singing with your air mike every time you heard Tina on the wireless,you wouldnt think that at 73 she could still be so stunningly beautiful. I would love to attend the birthday bash and meet other Tina fans but its like a star in the sky…just too far out of reach. However I have great memories of the two concerts I went to a few years back and the classic video clips of years gone by. These alone put me in a era that many millions of others will never experience,for this I am truly grateful. I have been to many concerts and when friends ask me which has been the best, there has only ever been one that stood out above the rest…Tina..no fancy props just that raunchy voice and those long sexy legs struttin across the stage…wow. Happy birthday Tina,may you continue to age with grace and
    beauty and may your music live on 4eva…love it.

  11. My father met her several times as a child and my whole family use to work in the fields with most of her family. We worked on the Stockton Bottom farms of old man Stockton. There was a big sawmill there and there is a big story that can be told about some strange things that got buried there. I think later on they called these farms the “Winter-Green farms.” I was born almost on the Forked Deer River around Nutbush. I left there at 9 years old but my birth home is still standing and has been for over 75 years now. I wonder if Miss Turner ever heard the story about the woman whom lost her child in the woods around there. She died in insanity callilng out the little girls name over and over. Her name was Sarah Francis. When i was a child of about 4 years old I actually heard the woman crying out for that kid. Both me and my sister Nell heard it. The room became ice cold and the voice came. This was in, the same house where the kid came up missing. We were sharecroppers and farmers, trappers, etc. or at least my father was. That Nubush is a very small place and especially out around the bottoms there but i was born there.

  12. HI Tina,
    I love your style. You are a beautiful woman and an example of how we can age gracefully and beautifully. My Husband and I live in north carolina and would love an opportunity to meet you in person!!!!

  13. Hi Tina, Hope you get my Message, first I would love to wish you a Happy Birthday to my Greatest Singer, there will never be another singer like you, Hope to meet you one day, As I’m one of your greatest fans.

  14. There are no words to say how the world has been blessed by such a wonderful person as Tina Turner. Happy Birthday Tina.

  15. I looooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so much Tina, thanks for decades of heavy performance and emotions to me and my family, your live concerts has been seen in 45″ leds and Carver/Jamo equipments for years in our living room, stay safe and live long, just watching you noe.

    Juan Pablo NUdman L.
    Santiago, Chile.
    16/08/2013 23.27 hs.

  16. I wish you the very best Tina. God Bless you and Edwin and may you both have a long life to enjoy one another!!!

  17. Ciao TINA TURNER ti faccio i miei auguri di un felice compleanno e di passare una felice giornata con i tuoi amici . Ma ti vorrei dire una cosa che tu perrme sarai sempre SIMPLY THE BEST ciè la migliore cantante del mondo intero che ha saputo scrivere delle canzzoni scritte con il cuore e con la passione che mette ogni giorno della giornata e ti mando un grande baccio e I LOVE YOU FOREVER . Ciao dal tuo grande fan da sempre mia unica TINA TURNER .

  18. Mandei um presente para ela em 11/2012 um “tamburim” com a logomarca da Bandeira do Brazil, gostaria de saber se ela recebeu???

  19. hola me llamo nelson soy de montevideo-uruguay y me encantaria que tina venga algun dia a hacer un show… quizas algo no tan multitudinario pero si algo chico mas privado..
    soy admirador de ella desde el año 1984 desde su private dancer a la fecha… luego conociendo todo su material anterior con ike
    me encanta el blog y abrazos para todos.

  20. I have recently fought breast cancer and decided that I wanted to do a bucket list as my outcome is not to great in the future and I figured why not try and achieve stuff I’ve always wanted to do now rather than try and do when the inevitable happens. Meeting miss turner is one of my life’s ambitions she is and has always been my idol and inspiration throughout my life. Am I dreaming of a meet or could this ever happen??

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