January 5 – Performing on The Midnight Special TV-show – USA
January 14 – Performing at the Gala of the Festival di San Remo

March 5 – Performing at John Denver and the Ladies TV-show – USA
March 11 – Concert at Arts Centre – Pool, UK
March 14 – Concert at The Apollo – Manchester, UK
March 15 – Concert at Liverpool Empire – Liverpool, UK
March 16 – Concert at Hammersmith Odeon – London, UK
March 18 – Concert at Odeon – Birmingham, UK
March 19 – Concert at Theatre Club – Wakefield, UK

April 7 – Concert at Philipshalle – Düsseldorf, Germany
April 11 – Concert at Metropol – Berlin, Germany
April 12 – Concert at Musikhalle – Hamburg, Germany
April 18 – Concert at Mozartsaal – Mannheim, Germany
April 19 – Concert at Jahrhunderthalle – Frankfurt, Germany
April 20 – Concert at Liederhalle – Stuttgart, Germany
April 22 – Concert at Carré – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 1
April 24 – Concert at Stadthalle – Braunschweig, Germany
April 25 – Concert at Ellenriederhalle – Hannover, Germany
April 26 – Concert at Grugahalle – Essen, Germany
April 27 – Concert at Deutsches Museum – Munich, Germany

May 1 – Concert at Konzerthaus – Vienna, Austria
May 24 – Concert at Palacio de los Deportes de Montjuic – Barcelona, Spain

24 Replies to “1979”

      1. I also attended her show, but seem to recall that it was at the ‘Playhouse’ rather than the City Hall. I also seem to recall that she was a supporting act to Lovelace Watkins?


    1. She performed at the Playhouse Theatre as part of her comeback after her separation from husband Ike. Her son played in her back up band. It was her show, she was not a support act for Lovelace Watkins on this occasion. It was the start of her emergence as a Super Star in her own right. I attended the show, it was amazing.


      1. Thanks for that. I did also attend the performance, but couldn’t remember the detail.
        I do remember her being introduced as “the hardest working young woman in show business”


      2. I rember an outstanding performance before an umprepared audience.South Africans were not ready for a black singer in those days.Tina was so frustrated performing before an audience that would only clap at the end of each song but remained frozen during the whole performance that during a number shouted “What’s wrong with you!” That said I’ll never forget that performance!


    1. I found these dates are not correct. This year, she hosted The Midnight Special ones, on Jan. 5, and she sung “Root Toot Undisputable Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Viva la Money,” “Night Time Is the Right Time” & “Sometimes When We Touch”.


  1. Hi Boys! A new one: On January 14, Tina was at the Gala of the Festival di San Remo; she performed Root Toot… (and maybe one more song).


    1. December 1979. Durban, South Africa. Tina Turner had divorced from Ike and performed in concerts throughout South Africa, from September through December. In those days there was no security. Seated solo on the carpeted theater floor by the main stage of the Playhouse Theatre, I photographed Tina’s unforgettable live December 1979 performance. She was the main act – doing approximately 14 costume changes. Tina’s main back up singers and dancers were a black guy and a long haired, platinum blonde lady. As a young adult, if I had not recognised star quality before, I found out that night. For me she was pure, raw talent. What threw me was she made a b-line for me and my camera, never missing an opportunity to perform for the media. No multi million dollar live show has ever matched that night when a young wannabee photographer captured his memories of an iconic ‘Private Dancer’.


      1. I also, was at her show in Durban. I seem to think that also featured was a performer, Lovelace Watkins who described Tina as “The hardest working young lady in showbusness today”


  2. Shows in the former Yugoslavia:
    Ljubljana, Hala Tivoli, 6.5.1979.
    Zagreb, Dom Sportova 7.5.1979.
    Beograd, Hala pionir 8.5.1979.


  3. 5. mars, Fairmont Hotel (USA)
    11. mars, Arts Centre (Storbritannia)
    14. mars, The Apollo (Storbritannia)
    15. mars, Liverpool Empire (Storbritannia)
    16. mars, Hammersmith Odeon (Storbritannia)
    18. mars, Odeon (Storbritannia)
    19. mars, Theatre Club (Storbritannia)
    29. mars, Pool of Arts Center (Storbritannia)
    30. mars, Hammersmith Odeon (Storbritannia)
    7. april, Philipshalle (Tyskland)
    11. april, Metropol (Tyskland)
    12. april, Musikhalle (Tyskland)
    18. april, Mozartsaal (Tyskland)
    19. april, Jahrhunderthalle (Tyskland)
    20. april, Liederhalle (Tyskland)
    22. april, Carré (Nederland)
    24. april, Stadthalle (Tyskland)
    25. april, Ellenriederhalle (Tyskland)
    26. april, Grugahalle (Tyskland)
    27. april, Deutsches Museum (Tyskland)
    29. april, Patinoire Des Vernents (Sveits)
    30. april, Kongresshause (Sveits)
    1. mai, Konzerthaus (Østerrike)
    6. mai, Hala Tivoli (Jugoslavia)
    7. mai, Dom Sportova (Jugoslavia)
    8. mai, Hala Pionir (Jugoslavia)
    24. mai, Palacio de los Deportes de Montjuic (Spania)
    31. august, Poliedro de Caracas (Venezuela)
    1. september, Poliedro de Caracas (Venezuela)
    9. september, Poliedro de Caracas (Venezuela)
    4. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    5. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    6. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    7. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    8. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    9. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    10. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    11. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    12. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    13. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    14. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    15. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    16. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    17. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)
    18. desember, St. George Leagues Club (Australia)


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