It has been a while… For Tina and for me… But now we’re both back.

Well, most importantly, Tina is!

Gracing the cover of German magazine ‘Madame’ with an exclusive interview and a new photo of our Legend with husband Erwin Bach, the magazine will be available tomorrow (16/02) in Germany.

The unbreakable couple during Tina’s 82nd birthday in Zurich (November 2021) – Alberto Venzago

In this new interview conducted by Alexandros Stefanidis, Tina talks about her incredible resilience and how the love between her and Erwin is stronger than ever.

Included in the new article is a piece from Tina’s biographer Dominik Wichmann who wrote a segment about Tina’s birthday party and who told German magazine BILD:

“Tina’s energy and confidence are unique. She was in the best of moods, exuding a mysterious, warming magic. Everyone was enchanted by her.”

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26 Replies to “Madame Cover Girl!”

  1. Merci Ben, le retour…
    Je suis à la foie ravie de cette page de couverture, et attristée aussi car je ne reconnais plus Notre Tina, dans son regard, son visage…

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  2. Tina restera Tina🐸Elle m’a apporté beaucoup comme mère et comme femme👩Elle est arrivée au sommet de ce qu’elle souhaitait🐥avec force et courage🐧Je suis heureux de ma Tina🦋Merci Ben pour tout💐🌷🌹🥀🌻🌼🌸🌺

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  3. Thanks so much for the information onbTina and her husband being on a magazine cover.
    Glad she continues to live her best life,as she gave so much of her talent and love to her fans.
    Tina deserves happiness.

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  4. As beautiful as ever , simply the best , my favorite singer , the first concert my young sons attended many many moons ago was a Tina Turner concert here in Connecticut, my sons were only 8 and 10 but loved it they are both in their late 30s now we still have are T shirts, absolutely love her

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  5. Thank You very much Ben for the new update.Good always to hear from you. Just to watch the photo of Tina& Erwin smiling and happy makes us happy.Their happiness is our happiness.and Tina’s resilience is a very interesting and important thing.

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  6. Accroché à Tina depuis toujours… sans oublier toutes les danseuses comme Clara Turton mais aussi l’ensemble des musiciens comme Jack Bruno…


  7. Happy birthday soul sister I can’t believe we’re getting older I’m 65 now wow you’re the greatest ever Man your life be blessed with love life and the best of everything that you can ever imagine I love you Tina Turner


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