Currently distributed in 44 countries and available in 16 languages, Tina Turner’s best-seller written in spiritual collaboration with Taro Gold and Regula Curti, the well-named ‘Happiness Becomes You’ is now available in Spanish and Slovakian!

Published in Spain by Luciérnaga and entitled ‘La Felicidad Nace de Ti‘ this version comes with a beautiful hardcover, color photos, and all the useful tips put together by ‘La Reina del Rock’ and her team.

Upon its release earlier this month, the book benefited from important media attention including articles in Lavanguardia, El Pais, 20 Minutos, El Independente, (just search for Tina’s name in Google News Spain to get an idea) and this really nice segment below broadcasted on the popular TV show “Corazón” on RTVE.

Thanks to all of this media attention the book has been selling out, and the publishing house has received requests to export the Spanish edition to Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, and the USA!

You can order ‘Felicidad’ in and outside of Spain on Casa De Libro and Book Depositor!

Moreover, Tina’s popularity in eastern European countries is a given. The stats on the blog and on Youtube prove it. Already published in Bulgaria ‘Happiness‘ is now available in Slovakia and will soon be published in Poland and Hungary.

You can purchase ‘Šťastie Vychádza Z Teba‘, the Slovakian version of ‘Happiness’ worldwide here!

Tina’s words of wisdom will keep on traveling the world and the book’s journey will continue with upcoming publications in Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Poland, Hungary… Stay tuned!

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