October 1st, 2000: TINA Performs In Birmingham, AL

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Tina Turner - Live in Birmingham - Oct 21st, 2000

On October 21st 2000, Tina Turner packed the BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama during the second North American leg of  her Twenty Four Seven World Tour. A look back at that evening with a set of 70 photos by Dave Schuit as well as live recordings of the concert.

Tina Turner Live in Birmingham Playlist – October 21st, 2000

Photos from Tina performing at the BJCC Arena by Dave Schuit.

23 Replies to “October 1st, 2000: TINA Performs In Birmingham, AL”

    1. My Daughter and I had the privilege of being at this concert . We are so glad we did …. SHE WAS AND IS SIMPLY THE BEST….. RIP TINA ….❤️❤️


    1. Indeed Terje, Tina wore different outfits than the one we are familiar with and she performed a few gem including Get Back. Might be on the blog someday 😉 Thanks for your comment!


  1. Thank you so much for this great posting!
    So very special to see the pics and hear audio clips of the actual event we attended.
    The BEST! Ronnie


  2. This show placed Tina Turner in 2nd place – after Bruce Springsteen – inthe list of my all time favorite live performers. Amazing energy, amazing entertainer, amazing show!


  3. I saw her at Catawba College in either 71 or 72. She fought with Ike who walked off the stage. His problem was that the kids were to boisterous. He shouted vulgarities at us. She stuck her finger in his face and that was when he left. She said that they didn’t need him anyway. She was 100% correct. Tina rocked.
    My wife didn’t want to go when she came to Birmingham Al in 2000 due to the ticket prices. I absolutely insisted that we go. On the way out the door she said she would pay to see her the next day if she came back. I still remember the hair standing up on my arms.
    Tina is the greatest!


  4. I was there. This was my second TINA concert. She was the best for sure!
    “My legacy is that I stayed on course… from the beginning to the end,
    because I believed in something inside of me.” -Tina Turner


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